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    Ubisoft Cancels Four Games Including Splinter Cell VR & Ghost Recon Frontline

    I would love to see a Dead Space in VR.
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    Elon Musk Places Twitter Acquisition on Hold as Doubts Emerge Over its Userbase Data

    Has twitter ever made money since its inception?
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    Bitcoin Bloodbath Brings Cheer to Gamers as Graphics Card Prices Plummet

    I'm glad I never bought from a scalper or miner. I preordered an RTX 3080 ti and got it at retail price which was still a lot. Also sold my rtx 2080 super for a good price to help pay for it.
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    Crytek confirms a new Crysis game is in development - Crysis 4?

    Loved the first game. One of the few games I played more than 3 times from start to finish. I just hope they make it fully multi-threaded this time and make it first for pc then downgrade it for the consoles.
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    Editorial Bitcoin Drops Below the $40,000-mark, Raises Hopes of Graphics Card Availability

    I don't have a problem with cryptocurrency. I have a major problem with people mining it which is the biggest waste of energy and doesn't make much sense. Wouldn't it be more valuable if you have to pay for it rather than mine it? Doesn't mining it devalues its price? With any currency, if...
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    Alienware Demos 34-inch QD-OLED Monitor at CES

    All monitors by now should have hdmi 2.1 and displayport 2.0.
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    Valve Steam Deck On Its Way To Developers

    Another electronic will be nonexistent due to scalpers. Scalpers have destroyed pc gaming and console gaming.
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    ASRock Expects GPU Mining Demand to Drop Later This Year

    Thankfully, I got a rtx 2080 super awhile ago so don't need to upgrade anytime soon. The only game that requires the next gen gpu and I want to play is probably cyberpunk. I'll probably get the new gpu when they are finally at retail price whenever that happens.
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    Control is Now Free to Purchase on Epic Games Store

    I already got this game free when I bought the EVGA rtx 2080 super several years ago. I still haven't had time to play it. I got several games on steam that I need to finish playing first.
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    EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra

    Scalpers have ruined pc gaming and console gaming. These people should all be doxed.
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    Cryptocurrency Market Bleeds Trillions in Less Than 24 Hours; Did the Bubble Pop?

    The only thing they should ban is mining coins which makes no sense and a complete waste of energy. Cryptocurrency isn't going anywhere.
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    Ethereum to Transition to Proof of Stake in Coming Months, Reducing Energy Consumption by 99.95%

    Honestly don't understand why cryptocurrencies allow for mining. Wouldn't it make more sense to have the # of coins be limited and un-minable to increase their worth. Glad that the market is crashing. Now, there will probably be an influx of used gpus coming.
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    AMD Confirms it Won't Block any Workloads on its Graphics Cards - Including Mining

    When this mining bubble burst there's going to be thousands of used gpu on the market which are defective. Meanwhile, nobody is able to game with these new gpus since A hole scalpers are hoarding them. That won't be good for pc gaming in general.
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    Cloud Gaming Company Shadow Files For Bankruptcy

    They will try again at some point because it's too tempting. Game publishers don't want you to own anything just like Netflix. Better to have a subscription service for endless money.
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    Intel Fined 2 Billion USD In Damages For Patent Infringement

    When it rains it pours.