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Feb 19, 2014
Dec 10, 2007
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Adelaide Australia
Explaining to Lordbollo what a truck is


, from Adelaide Australia

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Feb 19, 2014
    1. mlee49
      Awesomeness! :rockout:
    2. mlee49
      Right on man, forward me a master piece when you get a chance! Nice work over at GN.net
    3. mlee49
      Wow your awake! What time is it there?
    4. mlee49
      Trip, just checkin in with ya. Send me a crazy picture when you come across it!
    5. intel igent
      intel igent
      GEEZAM Trip! that is one HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE freakin' spider! i mean it's feasting on a bird! totaly wicked :respect: i like spider's but if i actually saw one that big i think i'd sh1t myself! :laugh:
    6. intel igent
      intel igent
      i would definately have to agree on it looking good man :respect: seeing that make's me wanna figure out my digicam and get out there and try to get something like that for myself! prolly won't happen cuz i suck :laugh: anyhow have yourself a good one bro :toast:
    7. intel igent
      intel igent
      'bout that screenie of your's did you snap that yourself? if so great shot man! :toast:
    8. Random Murderer
      Random Murderer
    9. xfire
      Thanks :), I've got the hottest profile now :D
    10. sneekypeet
      My girl has been doing the same since its release. Its like crack cocaine to her.
    11. sneekypeet
      its a great fast paced shooter, but at this point unless you catch it cheap, I'd almost wait for L4D2.
    12. JrRacinFan
      LOL ...

      That fits.
    13. grunt_408
      Do you ever sleep
    14. JrRacinFan

      Nawt funneh... :p
    15. intel igent
      intel igent
      good to hear you're doin' OK! i'm pretty much in the same boat but add a physical problem to the mix....

      life is never easy and what is good is never easy, we just have to maintain and strive to get through all the BS ;)

      i'm like the proverbial "cat that came back" lol

      i'll be building a new rig in the upcoming week's, FINALLY! lol so you'll prolly see me asking some dillhole Q's hahaha :roll:

      Cheer's! :toast:
    16. intel igent
      intel igent
      sup Trippy? been lurkin/hidin' in my garage playing with nitro RC's lol

      how you been?
    17. xfire
      No problem :toast:
    18. El_Mayo
      thanks for the guide
      i've got it dialed now =D
    19. xfire
      I didn't say it was malice :). In my siggy now :)
    20. xfire
      Is that your subtle way of saying I don't know how to post pics?
    21. alexp999
      Comments and Feedback probably is the best place. I was just saying I'm not sure how many will actually look there. They are usually to eager to post, just tick all yes boxes and ignore rules and stickys. Be good to link to tho. :)
      Im sick of people using imageshack, I refuse to click on them now.
    22. alexp999
      Hmm, its a great idea, but I don't know whether new members would see it there.
    23. grunt_408
      lol looks like santa had dropped his guts and you were like OMFG this guy stinks :p
    24. alexp999
      Hey NP, its what I do, just wish more people would write in or PM with news than start a thread and get upset when they are not mentioned :ohwell:
    25. grunt_408
      may be just what he needed he was getting pretty cocky being undefeted before you're brute turned up :p
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    Adelaide Australia
    Explaining to Lordbollo what a truck is
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    Processor: AMD A10 4600m quad core @ 2.3 ghz
    Motherboard: dunno
    Cooling: Logitech alto connect
    Memory: 16 Gig ddr3 1600mhz
    Video Card(s): Ati HD 7660G + & 7470M
    Storage: 1 TB
    Audio Device(s): onboard crap
    Software: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with sp1