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    GTX 285 good buy?

    A GTX260 played BFBC2 well with a quad core Q9650 (1080p, mostly high, 2xAA) @ 4GHz..that's DX10 and you with DX11 cards might get lower fps... enough? There's so much effects, lightning, smoke in BF3 for example, dunno how a DX10 card translates that...but my SLI GTX460s work hard at 99% usage...
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    QX9650 overclock suggestions!

    nmv - lol wrong cpu
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    GTX560 TI BIOS flash in SLI? HOW?????

    you can see the commands by typing "help" if I remember right. a "list" command will show the number of PCI-e ports From memory (see the help yourself in DOS): nvflash --index=0 romfile1.rom nvflash --index=1 romfile1.rom
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    How To: Enable SLI on pre-i7/i5 hardware

    damn..how do I destroy original x58 sli thang? I wanna try MODDED ! :) ok...for the Quad s775 guys vs 1366: 4.2 vs 4ghz . the diff is IMPRESSIVE.... i7 cpu soooo more powerful... black ops, all max, 8xaa..150fps. s775 was good oc, but i dont look back any more..not a second
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    How To: Enable SLI on pre-i7/i5 hardware

    im positive this is nvidia anti hack sli code.... after new year maybe new CLEAN driver... np, nvidia usually know things best !!!
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    What to do with a "broken" 8800 Ultra

    Easy ! Pop out the GEM (graphics processor) ($700 back in the day?), drill a hole at edge and put around neck with chain. As time goes by, add more GEMS !
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    How To: Enable SLI on pre-i7/i5 hardware

    Hell yes ! Merry Christmas to all with SLI (even them WITH certified SLI mobos !) Thanks dev team (and nvidia!) for a very adventerous fall/winter ! GGA ! 2-1 to dev team ;)
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    Overclock my intel pentium E5200 dual core

    I had an E5200 (early one, I remember Puerto Rico and Malaysia cpus, mine was the bad one) it could do 3.6-3.7Ghz at humane volts, 1.36v load, but also 3.16GHz (9.5 x 333 same as E8500) at stock volts (enabling C1E and EIST made it a cool and power efficient one..)
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    How To: Enable SLI on pre-i7/i5 hardware

    Simply add the game exe from nvidia control panel game list so you have the profile there. switch between full screen and windowed mode - ALT + ENTER
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    Help me to reach stable 4Ghz on my Q9650 !

    4.2GHz 8hr Prime95 stable 9x467=4203MHz vcore 1.381v fsb 1.26v mch 1.32v pll 1.50v cpu and mch ref auto mem 2.4x ratio (467x2.4=1121MHz) not hot if using good HSF (True Black with two 120mm fans, Antec Tri-cool @ MAX when ocing/benching, otherwise fans @ low), way under 71c on cores.
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    NEW - 3DMark 11 Compilation

    guys...whatever you do, don't run 3DMark Vantage with 3DMark11 installed, coz: Vantage will show corrupt graphics you might think your cards gone bad (in SLI atleast, was OK with ONE card..dunno about Crossfire) and still does so even after uninstalling both apps, and re-installing Vantage...
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    How To: Enable SLI on pre-i7/i5 hardware

    Could have been the 3DMark11 install that messed things up..big time. I went back to 263.00 and tested Vantage...it showed so much corrupt graphics I got scared my cards were faulty ! Changing drivers or uninstalling both 3Dmark11 and Vantage (and re-installing Vantage again) didn't help ! Got...
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    How To: Enable SLI on pre-i7/i5 hardware

    same here with 265.90 drivers, once enabling SLI from nvcpl, the exe crashes. reason I wanted 265.90 is 3DMark 11 uses SLI, 263.00 and 260.99 used only one card. GTX460 1GB SLI today.
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    Reviews of the 570

    Already Not found ! ;)
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    TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

    Great forum, in-depth hardware reviews, awesome software/utilities collection.