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    God Of War 3

    Is this PS2 or 3? Haha, that is how long it has been since I played on a console. Rats...don't plan on having a PS3. Absolutely love God of War...best game I have played for the PS2.
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    Quad core vs Dual core CPU for xfire/SLI

    If you look at their graphs, they mess up the CPU/Board combo a lot. They say they are using the E8400 on the X58 board in a few graphs. Anyway, thanks for the link. I either missed that part when I read the article or they added it some time after I read it.
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    Quad core vs Dual core CPU for xfire/SLI

    We do. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/cache-size-matter,1709-5.html
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    Why Can't I play Crysis Warhead Anymore?

    I peed my pants that was so funny
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    Best Looking Games (other than Crysis)

    Vista Texas Holdem has some pretty sweet 3D effects. Far better than minesweeper IMHO. I agree with the FC2 comment above. The lighting and shadows are very realistic. Both FC2 and COD4 are pleasing to play because they have great visuals and run smooth like butta.
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    Quad core vs Dual core CPU for xfire/SLI

    In light if the guru3D i7 review revealing the huge gains in xfire and SLI performance my question arises....what about quad cores? They only tested a dual core to compare to the i7. Has anyone seen a dual core vs quad core comparison to see if it makes a difference for SLI and xfire? I...
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    Is this still fact? FC2

    Car bombing them is fun. The only thing I haven't figured out about that yet is how to jump out of the car and have it keep rolling. The cars always brake if you try to jump out. Would be much easier to car bomb if the car kept on rolling like they do in Crysis.
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    Far Cry 2 problems

    It doesn't mention any random crashing fixes. The patch only has a few fixes...doesn't sound complete...just like the game at launch date.
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    Far Cry 2 problems

    Happens to me too. I can play for ~45 minutes and then it crashes to the desktop with no error. I start it back up and then it happens about every 20-30 minutes. It is a very consistent problem, happens every time I play. I try to save the game every 5 minutes with F5 but it gets a bit annoying.
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    Far Cry 2 Patch 1.01

    Uh, what about the random crashing to the desktop every 25-30 minutes in Vista?
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    Catalyst Hotfix 71310 Restores Visual Elements at Expense of Performance

    Wow, anyway...look at my screen shots to see what I was talking about in my previous post that got buried by pointless FPS crap. The road texture acts like a fog effect or water...it comes up over objects and you can still see them below the road. The rocks aren't gone, they are just under...
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    Catalyst Hotfix 71310 Restores Visual Elements at Expense of Performance

    I have seen this problem with the road. It think it is only road related too. I noticed that guns, people, and even car tires when in the road have this effect that looks like it sinks into the road a bit. I will try to capture a screen shot tonight. I remember one specific case when I was...
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    The far cry 2 thread!

    Ah yeah the golden AK...I found that one too and it took me a while to figure out what it was about. I was hoping it was like the golden gun in 007...mwahahahah 2nd map...huh? Are you talking about the entire huge map that takes hours to drive across? There are more? I haven't gotten too...
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    AMD Issues Far Cry 2 Hotfix for Most ATI Radeon Video Cards

    This is very good for ATI and they definitely came through with this hotfix. This game is going to be huge and if it plays better in DX10.1 than in DX10 this will not only be a great marketing tool for ATI but in the long run will help pave the way for developers to get out of DX9. This is...
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    Solaris17 Warhead review unbias

    Nice job Solaris. The lighting and fog effects in the Enthusiast mode look a lot more realistic than in gamer mode. Performance mode is freaky...there is a serious lack of vegitation. Looks like they just take it out entirely and leave behind the terrain paint.