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    Microsoft Rolls Out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

    so thats it uh, this stays but everything else gets wiped clean? yeah, thats cool, cya
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    NVIDIA Settles Class-Action Lawsuit Over GTX 970 Memory

    they _lied_ about the rop count (only 56 instead of the advertised 64) and the l2 cache size (only 1.7mb instead of advertised 2mb) which are worse issues than the 0.5gb slow memory interface/partition (those fake numbers were writen on the boxes of the cards and their documentation for christ...
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    Microsoft Out to Destroy Steam: Epic's Tim Sweeney

    wut is this crap? if this ever were to happen, ms would either have to target steam specifically and valve would easily check it and release a public article shaming ms, or it breaks multiple applications, which in the windows world would be a huge train wreck. there is a reason why the win32...
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    AMD Announces the Radeon Pro SSG

    relevant (and probably one of the few usage scenarios for this), skip to the 1:06:00 mark (the youtube bb code tag doesnt parse time params)
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    AMD Announces the Radeon Pro SSG

    thousands? no, but the dram throughput is higher only if there is nothing using the bus. i can see the need for a local cache/buffer so the main pci bus doesnt get saturated while moving/playing data, but 10k american zlots for it is a complete joke, even for the professional market. also why...
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    letting asus in charge of releasing a good custom graphics card oh cmon...
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    Rumor, GTX1060 Specs, Performance and Discussion

    this is supposed to be an oced 6gb 1060 vs an rx480 (at least thats what is mentioned on the driver descriptors) http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/9202637/fs/9188962 pretty weak if this turns out to be true, unless the price is incredibly slashed from the one on the announcement
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Founders Edition PCB Pictured

    look, i know they is giving out free vram but are you seriously expecting a free cpu with it too? but then again... ill have mine with fries and a shake and why cant this card be a single slot one too? dang it. and those power connections, they could have at least included a couple of mounting...
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212X

    pretty much yeah also
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    Has Nvidia "hidden" the ASIC ratings of the GTX 1000 series cards?

    lol, thats the funniest thing ive seen all week, for real also, what @rtwjunkie said
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    NVIDIA GeForce Experience Gets UI Update, Won't Work Without Login

    *puts tinfoil hat on* big data has got you!
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    NVIDIA GeForce Experience Gets UI Update, Won't Work Without Login

    guess the next step is geforce experience having in-app ads. buy our stuff, get free ads! *you heard it here first* but seriously, why waste resources on this just to get some, not even that accurate, usage metric? why not fix bugs instead?
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    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 368.69 WHQL Drivers

    it doesnt even appear on the known issues list, thats why im asking. it has been a month already...
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    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 368.69 WHQL Drivers

    does this driver fix the display port vive issue? can anyone with said hardware check please? https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/939426/geforce-1000-series/displayport-does-not-work-with-the-htc-vive-on-gtx-1080-/
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    AMD Retail Radeon RX 480 4GB to 8GB Memory Unlock Mod Works, We Benchmarked

    oh come on, you cant create a new account to post that and then not provide anything to back up your "claims" just a picture, thats all it takes, its less time consuming than writing all that konami code verbatim