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    AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5 GHz

    Some reviews report that the 1500X has 16MB of cache, is that so or what then? :confused:
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    [solved(??)] 2.4Ghz ping spikes/packet loss on TP-LINK Archer C5 v2 AC1200 router

    I finally got the 2.4Ghz band working fine. In fact what gave me the tip were the recent PS4 wifi issues. I disabled Wireless N in the 2.4Ghz band and everything is peachy now (running just B/G). Bummer that you have to disable features in order to get a working connection. :banghead:
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    The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild (Discussion...)

    I've read that there are some special weapons that can be reforged (you'll need minerals for that ) but I've got to run into them still. Besides one of the shrines in a peninsula at the Necluda area there's a group of goblins with swords that have pretty good stats (at least at the point I'm...
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    AMD's Ryzen Cache Analyzed - Improvements; Improveable; CCX Compromises

    It all depends on how you see things really. If you want absolutely the best gaming performance then stick with Intel. If you need a CPU with lots of threads that can also game pretty well then go for the R7s. My main gaming rig still has a 3770k, haven't found a reason to upgrade yet. Same...
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    Ryzen Gaming Build Strategy

    For gaming on the AM4 platform I would wait until the 4 core parts are out. They wouldn't potentially suffer from the core allocation issues that the 8 cores have as of now (though I'm pretty sure we'll see a patch similar to Bulldozer's in order to minimize these). Still the 4 core parts would...
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    The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild (Discussion...)

    I wouldn't take BotW as a measure of how much power does the Switch have. The port was done in less than a year (I recall a video saying it was 9 months) and is coming from an entirely different architecture (PowerPC+TeraScale vs ARM+Maxwell) so it's very possible that they set a lower...
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    AMD's Ryzen Cache Analyzed - Improvements; Improveable; CCX Compromises

    L3 performance has been AMD's achilles heel for quite some time, kind of surprised that they haven't corrected this yet. I suppose that a Windows patch to make it "Ryzen aware" will have to be developed (just as it was the case with P4's HT, Athlon 64, Core Duo, Bulldozer, etc., etc) in order to...
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    The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild (Discussion...)

    Started to play yesterday. Sadly I only have the weekends to play and a couple of hours so yeah, I guess I won't play another game this year :D
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    i5 6500 or i5 7500 or Ryzen 1700?

    Well, not every CPU/mobo combo will OC the same. Some 1700s might just get to 3.8Ghz and that's it. The 7500 turbos to 3.8Ghz too but, as stated, clock for clock the Intels are still a little bit faster and I've had a good record of them getting to the turbo speeds even on stock cooling. Also...
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    i5 6500 or i5 7500 or Ryzen 1700?

    Strictly for gaming I'd say i5 7500 due to higher clocks. Clock for clock the Intels are still faster, Ryzen needs some extra Mhz to match Intel's IPC. If you want a jack-of-all-trades CPU I'd go for the 1700. You'll likely lose some frames but would gain in some other areas (encoding...
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    AMD Talks Zen 3, "Raven Ridge," and More at Reddit AMA

    ECC supported? I think I've found the office server upgrade :D
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    My i5-7600 base clock speed seems too high

    Normal Turbo functionality.
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    Editorial Following Ryzen's Launch, Intel's CPUs Likely to See Price-Cuts

    People forget that AMD's manufacturing capacity is way, waaayyy lower than Intel's. Add the manufacturing constrains put by AMD's game console contracts and you can see why, even if Ryzen is a runaway hit, Intel won't likely (officially) slash their prices. Sure Intel might give price breaks on...
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    Are you going to Ryzen? Poll

    Gonna go with X370 and 1700 combo although I'll probably wait until Vega drops
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    AMD Reveals Ryzen 7 Family, Pricing, and Radeon Vega Logo

    Remember that 1700X has a higher base clock so it's a binned chip more likely and would overclock more. That being said I will probably buy the 1700 too, that price is just golden.