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    DDR5 Memory Performance Scaling with Alder Lake Core i9-12900K

    I'm still on DDR3. Games run fine and windows is quick. DDR4 will be plenty fast for years to come, not much incentive to jump shit
  2. tussinman

    Intel Core i5-12600K

    To be fair you could just wait for the non E-core version to come out (12400/12500). Should be still faster than the 5600x but significantly cheaper and less power
  3. tussinman

    Need a cheap 1151 motherboard for 9600k

    Cheap and overclocking are going to be oxymorons in this scenario. All the mid tier and below boards (B series and H series) don't have official support for overclocking. You'll need something like a Z390 series board which run used for at least $80
  4. tussinman

    love this article about CPU threads and gaming

    Agreed. I have a 3770k at 4.4ghz and it's fine for my purpose (single player games at 75hz with a 2060). Seems like 90% of the AAA titles i've played in the last 24 months have either had moderate CPU requirements or have been very well optimized
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    The unofficial Cooler Master Hyper 212 series bashing (and defense) thread

    ID Cooling 224 XT is the new value king. It's anywhere from 4-6 degrees cooler than the 212, is cheaper, and easier to mount. Artic Freezer 34 ($5 cheaper than the 212X and same price as the 212 EVO) is literally miles better on every front. Quitier, better temps, easier mounting hardware...
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    AMD "Zen 3+" Microarchitecture is "Zen 3" with 3D Vertical Cache Technology, 15% Gaming Perf Gain

    Not only that the first 2 Ryzen generation where relatively weak so of course the jump will be big from that to 3rd gen and 4th gen. Do that same 3080 test but on a 8th gen intel 8600 all the way to 11th gen 11600 intel and you won't see anywhere close to 30-40 FPS per gen (heck on some games...
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    AMD "Zen 3+" Microarchitecture is "Zen 3" with 3D Vertical Cache Technology, 15% Gaming Perf Gain

    3900X will be like maybe 5% slower at 1440p and like 8-10% slower at 1080p. AMD and Intel claim max performance gains but in actual real world scenarios there's not a ton of difference to be honest unless you have a lowend chip That only CPU I have above it is the i7 920. My brother still gets...
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    Enermax ETS-F40-FS ARGB

    Thanks for the review. I know CPU coolers aren't the most flashy things to review but it's still cool to see the breakdowns and see how they all perform in a controlled setting
  9. tussinman

    Days Gone Benchmark Test & Performance

    Basically the same performance as any game in the last year or so (1080p with high settings, very high settings along with most advanced settings turned off).
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    Hardware Elitism - a tech scourge that needs to die.

    There's alot of elitism and over-reaction in PC hardware. I've been hearing for 4 years now about how my quad core i7 is "a major bottleneck" yet I currently play every game on very high settings. Anything over 2 years old = "uhhhh bottleneck uhhhhh" My favorite is "uhh that 4 year old...
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    How do I value my rig?

    Very little value to be honest. Not only is it old but alot of those components where mid-range at best during it's time. A $350-400 office computer is not only going to run circles around that rig but will be all new components as well (DDR4 ram, SSD instead of mechanical HD, CPU that will be...
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    new cpu now or wait for am5

    I'm still rocking the 3770k with 2060S. No point in upgrading yet, not a single game that I can't run well and windows boots quick
  13. tussinman

    Intel Rocket Lake 11000 retail reviews

    Prices for 11700 and 5800x are too high. If I had to buy now it would be the 10700F for $250.
  14. tussinman

    [US] Core i5 10600K for $175 shipped

    These discounted 10th gen CPUs are going to be the 2500k and 2700k of this generation. Some of these prices at my local microcenter are insane (10400F for $130, 10600k $180, 10700F for only $230 with an open box one for only $200). As shown from this thread it won't be long before online vendors...
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    i5-11400 single core performance 7% faster than i9 10900k

    10400f is already such a good deal that they don't have to do anything crazy (they don't have to re-invent the wheel with 11th gen). Even just a 100mhz speed increase, 3-5% IPC increase, and higher native memory support would all be incredible, espeically if they keep the cheaper f edition