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    EVGA Announces X570 FTW WiFi Motherboard

    For that price I'd expect 10gbe.
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    Thermaltake TOUGHFAN 12 and TOUGHFAN 12 Turbo Fans

    This. Noctua threatening to sue ThermalFake over who has the best fan based on the Gentle Typhoon is as laughable as Apple raging at Microsoft for "copying" the GUI concepts they both copied from Xerox. It's even more comical as Phanteks have recently released their T30 which like the Toughfan...
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    Seemingly Fake Twitter Account Claims the Return of 3dfx Interactive

    In fairness it wouldn't just be useful for games that only had Glide or software as the render options. There are plenty of games from the 90s that have Direct3D and/or OpenGL options but look much better in Glide.
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    EVGA Goes Red, Teases The First Ever Motherboard Made for AMD Ryzen Processors

    Here's hoping that their first X570 boards aren't as god-awful as their first X79 boards haha
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    NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti, 3060 LHR Tested in Cryptomining Workloads

    This is of course assuming that the 3080ti will have the same unlimited mining performance as a 3080, because if it's higher that 4.7 USD a day becomes 5-6 USD a day.
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    Western Digital Unveils WD Black 750 SE NVMe SSD: Budget PCIe 4.0

    The drive may have gen3 like sequential speeds, but gen4 sequential speeds are pretty much irrelevant unless you have two drives and spend all day moving *.ISOs between them just to see the numbers. What really matters is the other speeds /iops as this is what dictates real world performance...
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    Microsoft to Kill Internet Explorer 11 Once and for All in 2022

    You have to understand that things move much slower in the enterprise sector than in the home user/small business market, hence why many if not most enterprises are still transitioning from W7 to W10 (and why Microsoft still offer paid support for W7 enterprise). And in the Enterprise sector...
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    Microsoft to Kill Internet Explorer 11 Once and for All in 2022

    IE 11 is just over 7 years old, and will proberbly be around for many years more as its slmost certain it's only going to be W10 Home/Pro that drops it not W10 Enterprise.
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    Microsoft to Kill Internet Explorer 11 Once and for All in 2022

    Hopefully there will be an option to block this, otherwise enterprises who require IE for compatibility will be unable to move past Windows 10 20H2 :(
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    Commodore 64 Modded To Mine Bitcoin

    It should say CBM, it's either a typo or a simple mistake.
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    GALAX GeForce RTX 3090 Hall Of Fame (HOF) Edition GPU Benched with Custom 1000 W vBIOS

    You're thinking of what the connectors are rated for in the PCI-E specification, but the physical connectors are actually rated much higher in their design specification (what their designers/manufacturers say is safe) but the PCI-E spec errs on the side of caution. It's usual for GPU...
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    Intel Thunderbolt Technology Turns 10

    Taking a truckload of cash to make it Apple exclusive for the first couple of years was a really dumb move by Intel, it gave USB time to evolve and catch-up.
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    Highpoint Announces SSD7540 8-port M.2 NVMe SSD RAID Card

    Indeed, why the he'll did they opt for RAID 0+1 instead of RAID 1+0
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    China Could Reject NVIDIA-Arm Deal, Predicts Former Lenovo Chief Engineer

    That could be connected to the amount of Mellanox hardware that is made in China, anyone who buys them would therefore have production plants in China.
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    China Could Reject NVIDIA-Arm Deal, Predicts Former Lenovo Chief Engineer

    Omg that's fantastic. Our media is known for the occasional gaff but mixing up China and Japan is next level xD