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    Corsair Releases Its First Thermal Paste Solution: The TM30

    Welcome to Corsair, although their cases seem alright.
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    SLI issues with 970's info below

    Maxwell* cause of (540MHz SLI fingers)
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    SLI issues with 970's info below

    About buying a bridge, there are 3 different bridge speeds. The standard bridge (400MHz), the LED bridge (540MHz) and the HB bridge (650MHz). The LED bridge was introduced with Maxwell iirc and the cards were made to accept the higher speed of the newer bridge. The HB bridge is compatible with...
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    Anthem The Game

    Bioware Montreal made Andromeda who are now apart of Motive under the ownership of EA. Different Bioware people.
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    EVGA Launches The Z390 DARK Motherboard, Built to Deliver The Ultimate in Performance

    I don't really see that $500 price sticking. That's what the X299 board is MSRP but they have it down to $250 on the main site and $300 at Microcenter.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS to Introduce 10-bit, 144 Hz IPS FreeSync Monitor at CES 2019

    Wonder if they will talk about those 200Hz G-Sync LocalDimmed UltraWides at CES.. They are taking so long I almost forgot about them.
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    NVIDIA Announces PhysX SDK 4.0, An Open-Source Physics Engine

    Yeah I would love to see some good PhysX in new games. Let dedicated cards make a comeback.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming to PC, Early Build Filmed?

    This is a console joke people
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    Fallout 76: Atom Shop Prices Reach New Level of Absurdity

    As long the core story isn't terrible the modding community will fix their offline single player game messes.
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    Square Enix Unveils NieR:Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition, Releases Feb 26, 2019 for $39.99

    The DLC name and the weird spelling is throwing me off, hard pass.
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    GTX660Ti and GTX1070 together?

    Wonder if open sourcing PhysX like they did will do anything. What do you plan on mining OP?
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    Anthem The Game

    Ohhh yeah, you bet your sweet arse they are releasing Skyrim again. On topic, I'll take an unused key as well if no one wants to give it a spin, I was kinda interested in the game, interested in world size and exploration.
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    Obsidian Says "The Outer Worlds" Will be Free of Microtransactions, Releases Screenshots

    Looks great and all but the CA is hurting my eyes
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    PSA: "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue" on Windows October 2018 Update and How To Fix It

    Microsoft could fix it all by just asking after each update if you would like to have Win10 auto download drivers or if you want to configure yourself. But then we would be given choices and we all know how hard choices are.
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    Toshiba Adds New 12TB and 14TB Models to N300 and X300 Hard Drive Families

    That's kinda what I thought but what do cathode-ray tubes have to do with anything?