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    Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Resigns - For Having Sex With Colleague

    Does your wife know you savagely sabotaged someone's life? Also I feel like 15 years ago all those things were fine to do lol
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    Samsung, Micron, and Hynix Reportedly Slapped with Colossal Antitrust Fines

    Yeah I wasn't satisfied after reading the title then the article. Title could just be changed to "potentially."
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    Noctua Introduces Quiet CPU Coolers for LGA3647 Intel Xeon Platforms

    Yeah I would like to see them make custom 2 to 2 1/2 slot solutions. I was just mentioning the D15 for evidence. Hell I would put a tower cooler on my gpu though if it came with a rigid backplate to keep it from bending. It would aslo need to be designed with vrm pads in mind I would think. I...
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    Noctua Introduces Quiet CPU Coolers for LGA3647 Intel Xeon Platforms

    Someone put a D15 on their gpu and it absolutely blew the AIBs custom design out of the water. Honestly my 970s EVGA cooler feels like a lightweight, cheaply made and "good enough" design.
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    Noctua Introduces Quiet CPU Coolers for LGA3647 Intel Xeon Platforms

    Can Noctua please start making beefy custom GPU coolers.. maybe reference replacements to start?
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    The Cyberpunk 2077 E3 Demo Ran on a Modern, Yet Achievably-Specced PC

    I wish 1070s were $350...
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    [Amazon]Titanfall 2 $5 !!

    I wanted to play MP but it kept giving me an error. Only game to ever do it to me like that, pretty sure there is a workaround but I really shouldn't have to.
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    What got you started with PC's? Tell your story.

    When Sony announced PS+ would be mandatory for PS4 multiplayer I decided there was no way I was going to pay for my gaming machine to have access to the internet that I already pay for...cheaper games, better game selection, emulation, mods, hardware upgrades, PC lifespan and warranties...
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    Have a HDD problem. Failed?

    Have you tried RecoverMyFiles before? @Caring1 any recovery software you could recommend? @R-T-B I am going to run this and see what happens. Thanks.
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    Have a HDD problem. Failed?

    So I have my grandmother's PC because it seems like the drive is done. I just need some feedback on what might be happening. I put the drive into my PC to see if the BIOS would read it, nah it doesn't. As the PC posts I could hear the drive giving periodic noises. The drive does not appear...
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    Intel Readying 22-core LGA2066 and 8-core LGA1151 Processors

    All I really want in mainstream is an unlocked i7 CPU with no iGPU. Use that die space for something else. HEDT costs entirely too much now..
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    NVIDIA Briefs AIC Partners About Next-gen GeForce Series

    This is still being called Turing? lol
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    In Win Z-Frame is the Crown Jewel of Computex 2018

    Crown Jewel? Try overly polished turd. It's like an edgy 12 yr old designed it who only plays Fortnite now.
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    Noctua Showcases Next-Generation CPU Coolers at Computex 2018

    I wish Noctua made aftermarket GPU coolers.
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    Need some help converting an image

    Got it. Coverted to blurry .jpeg using online converter, can't remember which. No pink filter now....I didn't even think about the software that came with the camera... that software is on a laptop that I forgot about. Thanks everyone.