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    AMD Readies 28 nm "Tonga" to Take on GM107

    You comparing years of stiched up r&d to be delivered as stillborn performing gpu called hd2900xt at nearly exclusively ATi used 80nm for it after rather successful test batch rv570, and aside from quite few small dies named nvidia 8500/8600 series which were badly packed after production. So...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880 and GTX 870 to Launch This Q4

    You should learn more about those two totally different chip design approaches. This thing is pretty much whatCUcallit "blasphemous" as we already previewed Maxwell architecture in GM107 and it really didn't BOOST NUMBERS OF SPs so we can really "wildly guess" that this ain't approach nVidia...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880 and GTX 870 to Launch This Q4

    Actually 20nm according to same jumping jack flash tsmc rules would never become "mainstream" at all, it's just available node for a year or so , and we all expect die shrinks from eagerish AMD to implement it with real GPUs already fabbed on it. nVidia bets all their cards on overpromised but...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880 and GTX 870 to Launch This Q4

    Right. Onec again nicely rigged numbers make itself a news. How about that rumor site tells us how SweClockers would manage desing overstuffed chip with 2.1× times more shaders over GK104 on same 28nm processing node and stick only 200TMUs to accompany it with on measly 256b bus. Maxwell might...
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    Xfire 9600GT question

    Intel's P35/P45 chipsets for C2D usually had only CrossfireX support and most of budget mobos used to take X16 link from NB and x4 link from SB which is pretty messy when it comes to CFX especially. Besides P35 is only PCIe r1.1 (not 2.0 like P45) so even if mobo which yours doesnt splitted...
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    Club 3D HD 7870 jokerCard Tahiti LE 2 GB

    Nice review. But we get used to it :D But what iterests me the most, aside that 175W power consumption that is what i expect from reject die with boost clock and voltage, is this line So as chip die size doesnt match as you mentioned, coul we guesstimate thta this aint real Tahiti rejects...
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    Gigabyte Intros ECO600 Wireless Laser Mouse

    Well its not such achievement to make your mice works for 12 month with two AA battery if you only surf and type alot. I have ONE AA rechargeable battery in mine and it lasts for 7-8 month. Yup great rechargeiees. Not the one that declare 100mAh while having 400mAh instead :p So to better...
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    Dell Can't Take Criticism

    Although I couldn't agree more with you on that matter of corporate weasley michief, I'd like to point out that same leitmotif was sneaking thru some old westerns (eg. Broken Lance [1954], Cimarron [1931]) which characterized people that were incentive seed of corporatism you claim suddenly...
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    AMD 3870k crashes

    That was my conclusion that CPU performance wont benefit from measly 15% in ram speed increase (1866 vs 1600) but GPU in Llano is in the first place botched VLIW5 that was and i wouldn't comment on that Corsair memory scaling graphs. Obviously thy highlight that on as they could benefit from...
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    AMD 3870k crashes

    So youre not just flaming while give up much of facts regarding an issue :rolleyes:
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    AMD 3870k crashes

    OMG. Every CPU does benefit from every MHz. But you're just overhyping things. Its nice that you point out how CPU benefit 10% or more (while not in fact) just by raising its IMC to work with 15% higher memory setting. Do you work for AMD marketing department? Only real benefit from this kind...
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    AMD 3870k crashes

    It's obvious that memory makers still don't offer ddr3-1866 8GB modules as commodity goods for desktops. And Corsair Vengance is pretty much budget mainstream lineup. And overclockers friendly memory kits were always offered on overvolted smaller modules. You're mixing two and five together...
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    AMD to Redesign Memory Controller in Bulldozer Chips.

    If you could do it you should offer them your help ;) but i know this aint possible without redesigning whole memory concept they been stuck ever since first K7 w/ ondie full speed L2 cache design came out. You should know why is that. Hint: Remember first Phenoms and why they had troubles It...
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    AMD A10-5800K and A8-5600K APUs for Socket FM2

    I highly appreciate your article and work you done. But your words "NO mention of Crossfire on the box, no Crossfire logo." makes me wondering about myself and what kind of people wrote those articles these days :o But hey I'm not bossy know it all person (BKIAP) and i undestand that humanum...
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    AMD A10-5800K and A8-5600K APUs for Socket FM2

    I'm glad about your new rig but you totaly misunderstood Hybrid CFX and performance gains youd get with H-CFX=="Graphics On Demand". When you OC your APU youd probably get almost same results as with H-CFX APU(HD7660D) + discrete (HD6670). And i'm poiting that it's cheaper performance wise to...