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    Presenting the New TechPowerUp

    I'll get used to the new font regardless, but I'd say it's objectively less readable than the old one. I feel like my eyes are trying to focus on something it thinks is out of focus...It reminds me of going from "sharp" to "smooth" in the anti-aliasing settings of text in Photoshop. Edit: I...
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    Logitech G Introduces New Gaming Headphones

    I was under the impression they simulated it because real 5.1/7.1 is terrible with headphones. To fit that many drivers in one side means having tiny, terrible ones, no?
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    Cherry Announces Cherry MX Silent Keyboard Switches

    My blacks make a fair racket by hitting the limit on the upstroke. Still nothing compared to blues obviously, but there's definitely improvement that could be made.
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    EASARS Announces the Flare RGB Mechanical Keyboard

    Did they really call themselves EA SARS? That's like Ubisoft AIDS, or SOE SIDS...I'd have thought the first rule of naming your company was not to combine despised game publishers and horrible afflictions.
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    Vibe Therapy Meridian

    This makes me legitimately want an adult section of TPU. There are no end of sex-toy reviewers on the internet, but I've never seen one with a "time-to-cum" chart. As for the younger members of the site? Sex toys will be positively tame compared to what they've seen.
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    Antec Goes 2-Compartment with the P50

    I'm so glad to see these popping up. I had the idea years ago to put the PSU vertically behind the mobo (as did many people, I imagine), and it's interesting to see the reality of them and their pros/cons.
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    Logitech G Unveils G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse

    This is a 115mm-long mouse. It's small and ideal for fingertip grip. The side-button placement is perfect in that regard. I agree that the scroll wheel looks suspect though and I wish they'd made the front wider while cutting off some of the rear.
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    Phanteks Introduces the Enthoo Evolv mATX PC Case

    The front would be infinitely more attractive if they hadn't decided to give it eyebrows and a chin. Who makes a design choice like that and decides to stick with it?
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    New Editions of CM Storm Devastator and QuickFire Rapid-i Now Available

    Well, most of those keys are further away from the "home keys" (arrows/wasd/pl;') than with the alternatives, but you're also probably missing out on ctrl, alt and shift being modifier keys for non-FPS games. I understand using what you're used to, but objectively it seems there's just less keys...
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    New Editions of CM Storm Devastator and QuickFire Rapid-i Now Available

    I hadn't considered the left-handed aspect, but with that in mind, is it not possible to mirror the wasd layout to the right side (pl;')?
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    New Editions of CM Storm Devastator and QuickFire Rapid-i Now Available

    Out of sheer curiosity, what do you play that still uses the arrow keys?
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    Razer Abyssus 2014 Gaming Mouse Unveiled

    Is it so hard for them to make a fingertip mouse with side-buttons?
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    ASUS Announces Strix Pro Gaming Headset

    Why does the "sharp hearing" point to the eyes and the "tactical mind" point to the wings? I'm not a Strix expert, but I don't think that's how they work.
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    Logitech Launches First-of-Its-Kind Logitech G Tunable Gaming Mouse

    Holy hell that's ugly. 12k DPI is ridiculous too, but I'm interested to see if it's truly a "flawless" sensor.
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    Feenix Unveils the Aria Gaming Headset

    Same deal as their Nascita I expect. Something pretty that costs more than it's worth.