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    100% disk usage, computer almost un-usable

    i would check if you knocked the cable when you swapped the cpu as the drive might be ok and the cable (its connection) is the issue. failing that the drive is on the way out, as said.
  2. vega22

    Looking at 1440p suggestions

    where did you say anything about that? just you wanted it available in canada is what i read, and i'm sure ebay ships there too :|
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    CS:GO How to improve spray with AK-47/M4?

    stop spraying and learn to hs?
  4. vega22

    Looking at 1440p suggestions

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Perfect-Crossover-27-FAST-144-FreeSync-Zero-WQHD-2560x1440-Monitor-Remote-/332252189182?_trksid=p2349526.m2548.l4275 idk what that is in your money, but they are cheap as chips in gbp for what you get :)
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    How long does your pc take to boot to windows?

    last windoze update has the spinny thing doing a double take and my post has an 8 second pause but 24 seconds. task manager says bios time is 12.8 with said 8 second pause on post screen.
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    Needing some gaming keyboard advice

    big fan of browns. not too heavy or loud but you can feel the bump so you know when you have pressed it down. reds are nice but far too easy to typo if you type a lot.
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    Wondering how to go about upgrading for 1080p

    they would if the option was viable. if you could drop a more modern cpu into a 5 year old platform i'm sure many would. how is the fx a perfect example? they were hot and power hungry while zen is far from that. then with later zen built on a smaller fab they should suck even less juice...
  8. vega22

    Wondering how to go about upgrading for 1080p

    stop bitching children, help the op or leave the thread ffs :| i would look at ryzen myself. firstly it is on sale today and second, it will get better cpu in the future which will drop in with a bios flash. yes the i5 8400 is a better cpu for the price but the mobo and cpu combo will most...
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    Custom Fan speed w/o MSI Afterburner

    or just disable rrts stats ingame? sounds like you need to enable the options to change volts and stuff in ab.
  10. vega22

    Custom Fan speed w/o MSI Afterburner

    ab will oc too.
  11. vega22

    Your PC ATM

    it looks colder with the ram that hue, which must help the temps :D
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    Stability testing recommendations?

    aida and realbench for me. both for stress testing and bench marking results.
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    Help! Can't get 4k @ 60hz

    i would guess something has updated and now blocks it if it used to work and has now stopped :/
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    Highlights from AMD Earnings Call: Hardened "Zen2" and 7 nm "Vega" by 2019

    depends on when they got in on bitcoin tbh :lol: but to return to an earlier point you made. most are optimised for nv cards as they have more cards out in the wild. they have lead the market share for a few years and as such the demand to make the most of the available hardware trumps any need...