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  • i was hoping for a320 support with 4th gen ryzen but after looking at even x470 won't even get i have lost all hopes
    haven't gamed much in the past week, don't even feel like launching any game
    Been there! It showed me I was spending too much time on the computer, once I started doing other things and reducing my gaming hours to just a few per day (and some days without even touching the pc), gaming went back to being entertaining and fun. You have to balance stuff! At least in my case that did the trick.
    i prefer hardware monitor over open one or hwinfo64, reason being the former doesn't show min value and latter gives too much unnecessary info and hence is a long of a list, i like stuff being simplified
    cpu timeline for my pc:
    i5 2300 - may 2011 - 2019
    i5 3470 - may 2019 - 2020
    i7 3770 - Aug 2020 - Present
    dropped some tea on my keyboard but luckily it didn't go inside keys as i held it upside down and shaked it twice and not even a drop fell, it wasn't even my fault as the bowl under it was bit sticky and i tried to take it out there was bit of jerky movement when it separated causing my glass to shake and significant amount of tea falling though most of it was around the keyboard so that's why it survived
    so there's no dark theme on this forum? i love it on LTT
    cod warzone is way too hard for me, especially the battle royale, i mean i did well on some exclusive event going on but sucked real bad in battle royale even if i hit instantly as i see i am still a bit late and i think it has to do with my 200ms+ ping, i mean it always start with 75ms ping but always end up getting to 200ms before it can find a game
    upgraded to i7 3770 yesterday :D
    also getting a new cooler for it as the thing runs hot
    visited after a long time, updated my specs, 16gb ram was a major upgrade, before that i also got 3rd gen i5, went to 3470 from 2300, significantly faster but as games are getting more and more demanding, i am looking around for an i7 3770 and upgrade that old school 750 ti to a 1060 6gb or 1650 super
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