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    Intel Plans to Volume Manufacture Nanowire/Nanoribbon Transistors in Five Years

    Intel Today: We are going to have nanowire transistors in production in 5 years! Intel in 5 years: Here's our latest manufacturing innovation in production: 14nm++++++++++++++++++++++!
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    Intel Tiger Lake Processor Spotted with Boost of 5 GHz

    Based on the info I think that's Rocket Lake. Too bad they only will only have max 8 cores. Although the rumor goes that 8 Sunny/Willow Cove cores equal 10 Skylake cores in the number of watts.
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    Latest Intel Graphics Drivers Break Shackles of OEM Driver Update Locks on Notebooks

    I tried to install these on my X1 Carbon and got the same message.
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    Editorial Windows 10 1903 Has a Nasty Audio Stutter Bug Microsoft Hasn't Managed to Fix

    I've been a victim of the same issue, 4K videos especially when played in Youtube were stuttering, and was not able to solve it until someone suggested Spectre security fix as the culprit. Spectre patch is known to cause some performance slowdown and especially higher latencies to certain...