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    Intel Arc Alchemist Xe-HPG Graphics Card with 512 EUs Outperforms NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti

    Bottom line we will have a 3rd player in the enthusiast GPU market (going all the way back to the Matrox and 3DFX days!) which can only be a good thing. Regardless of the supply issues, miners, scalpers etc we finally have a another competitor in the market and not a small competitor. If Intel...
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    Post your Cinebench R23 Score

    Woah!!!! 5.5GHz....
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    Intel Core i5-12400F

    In the UK the cheapest B660 board is £104 coupled to a £179 12400F (12500 is £200) you are looking at around £283 which is not bad at all especially if you can re-use your ram and DDR4 is so cheap anyway at the moment. The 5600X is £319 so they really need to drop the 5600X's price. Not sure why...
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    Alder Lake CPUs common discussion

    I am sure MSI and ASROCK will have some B and H series motherboards priced well. The ASRock B660 Pro RS is now available in the UK at £129 and the Gigabyte B660 MATX is £103 and I think they will go a little lower as we get deeper into the launch.
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    Anyone else disappointed with the AMD 3D-Vcache reveal?

    I think the performance of Alder Lake has had something to do with this decision. AMD probably factored in Alder Lakes's performance but it turned out way better than they expected. The initial plan was to launch a full range of 3D vcache CPU's including the 5600X3D etc which would have kept...
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    Alder Lake CPUs common discussion

    An interesting article reviewing the 12700K vs the 5800X and when gaming they use the same power whilst the 12700K runs cooler (surprising to me)...Overall the performance difference is fairly large across production type workloads for the 12700K vs the 5800X though smaller in gaming but the...
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    Origin PC Build Question

    Well that is one hell of a system and should see you happy for a long time to come. The external HD case is a good idea as speeds should not be an issue because you have ultra fast NVMe SSD's for the fast stuff and the rest for work, media even on the security camera side all running of...
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    New 3060 reading 0 mhz after overclock

    PC specs would help, so CPU, motherboard, RAM and PSU. Are you saying that everything is working but in games everything is running badly? Check your power management profile in windows and make sure it is on balanced or performance. Also Nvidia also has power management settings in their...
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    6900xt or 3080ti

    It would help to know what your base specs are for the new PC as the CPU does matter. Also what is your use case, gaming (at what resolution,) what monitor do you have in terms of refresh rate, pro workloads etc. As this could make a difference. If you are going top spec with 4K high / ultra...
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    No post but CPU,GPU,PSU fans spin but not the case

    Yep full spec would help, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, PSU and GPU at the very least...A picture of your initial setup would also help troubleshoot...
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    Origin PC Build Question

    The Corsair 7000D from Origin PC will be the very same case that Corsair provide so I see no issues in adding an additional HD cage if required especially as you are buying it with the H150i 360mm AIO (which I have...cooler only) and it is only a rad/pump so does not take up any additional space...
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    is 105C hot spot temp is safe? rtx3070ti

    There was an issue for the Palit 3080 Gaming OC when it came to thermal pads which might apply to you...
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    Alder Lake CPUs common discussion

    This whole efficiency argument on desktop between Ryzen and ALder Lake is pointless especially for gaming and pro workloads. The actual power usage over time will balance itself and is miniscule over the life time of parts usage, especially as we are never running CPU's at max core and power...
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    Noctua D15 Fitment - Asus Rog Strix Z690-F - Owners

    This might help...It has a list of motherboards including yours and whether it will fit or not.. https://wccftech.com/some-asus-z690-b660-motherboards-will-not-be-compatible-with-noctuas-lga-1700-alder-lake-cpu-coolers/
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    i9 12900k temperature problem

    Have you tried it yet? I always wait a while for some feedback before updating to a newer BIOS as you never know....