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    i7 11700K Super PI 6.33 Seconds.

    SuperPi likes tight timings on memory, you can shave off pretty much time with that
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    BioWare & EA Cancel Development of Anthem NEXT

    Of course there are no players when you cant pass the login screen becuase it is failed to find a server... Well, yes, probably there wouldn't be much player, but this way the ones who want to give it a try, they cant do that either. And it is still listed on origin and tempted you to buy, when...
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    Opening up space on a hard drive

    Temporary folders, especially for browser(s), if you are experienced user maybe windows update backups. But there are progs which show you what takes places on your drive like windirstat, treesizefree.
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    BioWare & EA Cancel Development of Anthem NEXT

    'keep the Anthem live service running as it exists today' I cant play since weeks, soo how is it? My game never can find a server to start...
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    Can someone explain to me why manufacturing is the culprit of Intel's woes?

    Main reason is probably Krzanich (sry if i mispelled his name), he ruined almost everything. He fired good, expierienced, software, hardware engineers and hire young, inexperienced ones instead. He blew away the software side too and, kinda everything for short term financial gains... How is the...
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    NVIDIA RTX 3060 Bests RTX 2060, RTX 2070 in Ashes of the Singularity Benchmark

    'It then scored a total of 6600 points and 67.8 average framerate in the first test; the second test, which might've been run with increased power or clocks, achieved 6800 points and 69.8 FPS on average' Check the api versions in description ;)
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    Taskbar sometimes more transparent then most of the time

    No, i have a static wallpaper, no changes, just a simple picture. But yes, i am using a custom theme (1 wallpaper, most things turned off)
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    Taskbar sometimes more transparent then most of the time

    Well, i don't know that, but somehow similar my case. My taskbar is black, but sometimes turn to grey, than back to black
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    Mice; what do you use and why do you use it?

    MS Wheelmouse Optical 1.1A for notebook, Cooler Master Devastator (SGM-3010-KKFM1) for my download/htpcs/test/various builds, Cooler Master Devastator 3 MM110 for my gaming and Genius Netscroll+ Eye for my bigone/backup/server, etc :)
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    NVIDIA's Next-Gen Big GPU AD102 Features 18,432 Shaders

    Well, it could be true as they don't have to care much about clearing inventories :D
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    G.SKILL Memory is The Most Used DDR4 For Breaking AMD Vermeer OC Records

    Yeah, but it would be more outstanding if that results were splitted with more tuner, not just 6 :)
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    PSA: AMD's Graphics Driver will Eat One CPU Core when No Radeon Installed

    Approx 1 year ago i did the same, but with win 8.1, at that time i didnt experience this. I had intel, radeon and nv drivers installed at same time, and swapping gpus frequently, like every hour :) But that was a b150 mobo with celeron g3930.
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    Occasional High Pitched Sound

    This sound is very similar to that. If you are lucky its just a bearing from one of your cooler vents. Check things out carefully and be prepared to backup/replace your drive too.
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    What version of W10 do I really have?

    Its pretty consistent with Build 19042.630, thats the correct i guess Version 20H2 and 2009 is the same too, related above. that winaero is stand out for me. 20h2 - second half of the year 2009 - 2020 09th month
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    MSI Presents the SUPRIM Line of Graphics Cards

    The last 3 (suprim-gazillion-dollar) is already here...