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    Trying to understand quantum physics questions

    I don't think the Earth, Sun and for that matter, the rest of the universe cares, about balance and carbon polution, regarding humans well-being - humans are only a tiny tiny dot, in that equation..... But ill agree, it is fascinating.
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    Update for "Yet Another Hardware Trainwreck" Lands in Linux Kernel as an Urgent Fix for x86 Processors

    My friend Mr. Robot would like to have a look at this.....:rolleyes: On the serious side - I don't think that this, will ever happen:
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    Client backup solution with central management

    Veeam Backup & Replication - maybe a bit overkill - but it gets the job done!
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    Windows 11 General Discussion

    Hmmm - is there any difference, at all, on these drivers?
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    Far Cry 6 Benchmark Test & Performance

    @W1zzard - Could you provide AMD FSR images with water in? For comparison - as my eyes sees the most significant changes, at least on the images with Nvidia RT ON/OFF, on images with water in it.
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    New Samsung Magician v.7 released

    The utility states it supports SSD - does that also cover NVMe? Maybe install Samsung Magician, update the firmware and uninstall it again is easier......
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    Acer Predator GM7000 2 TB

    So if you think it's good (attached heatsink) - then they will consider add it with the drive? - really odd
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    New Samsung Magician v.7 released

    I have Crucial Storage Executive, Samsung Magician and WD Dashboard running, as I have drives from all these manufacturers. But are they really necessary. Well I believe no. I use them for checking for firmware updates - but that could be done manually Also for diverse "Rapid" or "Cache Write...
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    New Samsung Magician v.7 released

    Link: Magician v.7
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    Windows 11 General Discussion

    Hmm.. mine has just begun downloading Windows 11 Insider Preview 22468.1000 (rs_prerelease) - the beta machine is still on 22000.194
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    Windows 11 General Discussion

    Anyone else get this error when installing Ryzen Master? (Ryzen Master v. (Win11 v.22000.194) If I uninstall it and reboot, install it again, it works, but after a reboot more, it fails again and have to do the hole thing again...So tired of it, that I have dumped it, and going...
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    The loudest lamp just got better. IKEA and Sonos introduce a new version of the SYMFONISK table lamp speaker.

    Already available in Denmark: https://www.ikea.com/dk/da/p/symfonisk-billedramme-med-wi-fi-hojttaler-hvid-00485766/ I think it's kind a cool for the workshop.....
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    Need a photo of asus rtx 2080 dual evo motherboard

    ASUS RTX 2080 DUAL EVO is not at motherboard - it's a graphic card. So you need a photo of the PCB of the graphics card? (Ahh...motherboard of the graphics card) like this: ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Super STRIX OC - I know, it is not a Dual Evo
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    MSI Announces MEG CoreLiquid S-Series High-End AIO CPU Coolers

    Couldn't agree more, that and the old MSI Dragon Center - terrible software
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    Windows 11 General Discussion

    My motherboard manufacturer has just released a Windows 11 specific BIOS update......:)