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    7th of July

    The date my GTX970 is going in retirement ;) https://www.computerbase.de/2019-06/navi-radeon-rx-5700-xt/
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    AMD Radeon RX 3080 XT "Navi" to Challenge RTX 2070 at $330

    Reminds me.... And is still running - just changed the thermal paste and the thermal paddings
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    SSD Trouble

    You could try Paragon Patition Manager Basic - it´s free: Paragon Partition Manager Free
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    G-Sync - via HDMI or DisplayPort?

    Thanx all for suggestions. I am now running with a DVI - works fine. - I have tested the monitor on another computer with DP - works fine, so not the montor DP port thats kaput. - I have tried updating the BIOS on the GTX970 - but it says it is already on the newest version. - I have tried...
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    G-Sync - via HDMI or DisplayPort?

    Nothing - besides updating the drivers when they come out, but I can not point out an exact time when the screen began the black outs I´ll check the BIOS on the GPU card, pretty sure I have updated the BIOS (via ASUS official webside) years ago. Maybe it is time to upgrade my GPU - to a RTX...
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    G-Sync - via HDMI or DisplayPort?

    I always run the latest drivers - but yeah, could try using DDU and make a fresh install of the drivers Yeah - you are right about the G-Sync part...sorry for the miss information, always thought it was G-Sync. But it have always worked with 144 Hz DP.
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    G-Sync - via HDMI or DisplayPort?

    Okay thanx for answering - I´ll try connect via the Dual-Link DVI cable when I come home. ASUS state on there website, that it will run 144 Hz via DVI, the only things that DVI is not supporting is audio (and 3D in proper way)
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    G-Sync - via HDMI or DisplayPort?

    I have a G-Sync monitor (ASUS) and GTX970 (ASUS) (see spec) .... When using DP, the monitor sometimes goes black, and the only way to get it back, is to connect a HDMI cable. I have updated the GPU via: Nvidia DP firmware update tool - not helping - and the error does not come all the time...
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    GIGABYTE Outs GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming OC White Graphics Card

    A shame the PCB isn't white...
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    Asetek Unveils the 690LX-PN AIO Cooler for Intel Xeon W-3175X at $399

    This XEON CPU is for workstations - not servers.......
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    ASRock Radeon VII Phantom Gaming Reference Design Graphics Card Revealed

    $699 for a card that "will slot in above the company's RX 580 graphics cards in terms of performance" ?? Isn't that a tat steep? Well, guess we will have to wait and see some reviews......
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    Hardware manufacturers you miss?

    EpoX and Abit (and Matrox Mystique - even when Matrox still exists) The Mystique coupled with a 3DFx Vodoo card where dynamite.......
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    AMD Radeon VII Hands On at CES 2019

    Beautifully - reminds me a little bit about the 5800 series when it came out - aesthetically