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  1. Vya Domus

    What happend to Polaris update?

    Bleak for gamers , not so much for everyone else.
  2. Vya Domus

    R9 390 weird fps barrier.

    What problem ? CS:GO isn't graphical intensive , it's only natural that lowering the settings and resolution wont make much of a difference. Too low by which metric ? Compared to what ? FC4 isn't kind to AMD GPUs.
  3. Vya Domus

    What happend to Polaris update?

    The only rumors are about Vega.
  4. Vya Domus

    Any solid news on AMD refresh of the Vega cards?

    It's the other way around ,refresh till 2019.
  5. Vya Domus

    Are your Browsers subject to Cryptojacking ? Test within!

    Seems to me it just checks if ads get blocked.
  6. Vya Domus

    New Ryzen 2600 gets 17% single core performance boost

    There is a difference , Intel has had much smaller bumps in performance in the past couple of years on bigger node improvements. 17% increase in performance from clock speed on something that is effectively a refined node is impressive.
  7. Vya Domus

    My pc freezes when watching Netflix

    That was likely it. When I was trying to get a stable overclock YouTube video playback would be one of the first things that would trigger a crash for some reason.
  8. Vya Domus

    New Ryzen 2600 gets 17% single core performance boost

    I personally look at this the other way around. I wouldn't support the company that literally bought market share with billions upon billions and pulled off god knows how many other illegal stunts to put a spanner in the works of their competitor. Other than that , I don't think neither AMD or...
  9. Vya Domus

    Intel "Coffee Lake" Based Pentium Gold Processors Begin Selling

    Even if it is priced incredibly low (which , knowing Intel , wont be the case) , the much faster GPU inside the 2200G will render these Pentiums pretty much useless , no reason whatsoever to pick one up. And I still don't understand whats the deal with all of these versions with just 100mhz...
  10. Vya Domus

    Intel Unveils Discrete GPU Prototype Development

    Given their track record , they failed to apply that strategy numerous times. Unless the money was thrown towards bribing OEMs. Raja isn't a one man army. He can't do miracles , people that are knowledgeable and skilled enough in this area are incredibly rare , most of them are working for...
  11. Vya Domus

    Lucasfilm Rumored to Ditch EA for a New Game Publisher

    They are probably bigger profiteers than EA themselves. I would image the licensing agreements alone return massive profits to them for such a popular franchise , they probably don't even need successful games. They are just looking for another cow to milk , ironically.
  12. Vya Domus

    X58 Windows 10 issues

    That's typically caused by a CPU overclock , the update must have introduced something that exposes an unstable overclock that wasn't revealed before. Try going back to stock clocks.
  13. Vya Domus

    Gaming on 2400G: My Thoughts

    Nah , the hardware is fine. Fallout frequently fluctuates between being CPU and GPU bound or even memory bound , you will never get to see 100% GPU utilization all the time. It also doesn't help that DX11 games aren't exactly kind to AMD's divers , Fallout 4 is notorious for being pretty bad...
  14. Vya Domus

    Intel "Ice Lake-U" Gen 11 iGPU Features 48 Execution Units

    They are slow and use too much space that could otherwise be used for wider cores or more of them. I wouldn't mind them putting basic display adapter functionalities in their chips but as of now they are sacrificing way too much for something that barley is a bit more than a display adapter. The...
  15. Vya Domus

    Wondering how to go about upgrading for 1080p

    No I wouldn't , that would makes no sense , I would buy whichever card suits my needs for the price I am willing to pay. I wouldn't automatically buy something if I have no need for it. Of course, a fanboy would. You were the one than couldn't read charts properly in that discussions...