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    Advice for an upgrade.

    Buy the 1070ti, it's a fair bit faster than a 1060 and even today for 60fps you can still get away with using an FX CPU. Later down the road change the platform , maybe even wait for RAM to reach sane prices. This sentence makes absolutely no sense ...
  2. Vya Domus

    Steam Link App for iOS Rejected by Apple

    Apple always did whatever they wanted with the store. If they don't like something about you bad luck your product won't make it into the store.
  3. Vya Domus

    1950X Goes full blown 128GB RAM!

    So... Then I explained how it is in fact more power efficient , after that you went on about a completely different subject saying that you were referring to bang for buck while you clearly didn't and in fact you tried to argue about it in the very comment you posted. And now you're saying...
  4. Vya Domus

    1950X Goes full blown 128GB RAM!

    A 4 Ghz 1950X gets around 3400 in Cinebench , you didn't even bother to look that up. And also that Xeon at 3.8 Ghz is never going to stay at that 120W TDP figure , that's the TDP for when the chip runs at a measly 2.0 Ghz. It will probably draw around 200W while still being slower. Power...
  5. Vya Domus

    Battlefield V Revealed: 1942 Reimagined

    That's just pathetic and it makes no sense. How would the involvement of an individual who is widely disregarded and hated benefit their sales ? This is some wired ass shit.
  6. Vya Domus

    Battlefield V Revealed: 1942 Reimagined

    I am truly amazed. Never thought I would see the day political correctness , feminism and cultural appropriation would take over even the god damn video games. It was pretty much the last front left unscathed , not anymore I guess.
  7. Vya Domus

    1950X Goes full blown 128GB RAM!

    Clock speed and performance. I am under the impression you simply don't know what power efficiency is. Does the Xeon use less power ? Yes. Is it faster ? Did you factor that in ? There is clear and distinct difference between power consumption and performance per watt. Performance per watt is...
  8. Vya Domus

    NVIDIA GeForce "Volta" Graphics Cards to Feature GDDR6 Memory According to SK Hynix Deal

    Memory bandwidth is one of the primary concerns for any GPU design.
  9. Vya Domus

    3D Headphone Startup Shut Its Doors After Raising $3.2 Million in Crowdfunding

    Sure they can but then again were they born yesterday ? Kickstarter is a breeding ground for scams and e-beggars , although that's a minority. The majority of projects are actually genuine but are still abolsute junk and have zero chance to succeed because they are started by people who have...
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    3D Headphone Startup Shut Its Doors After Raising $3.2 Million in Crowdfunding

    :roll: Maybe they should have ditched the incredibly powerful option , might have been more affordable then.
  11. Vya Domus

    3D Headphone Startup Shut Its Doors After Raising $3.2 Million in Crowdfunding

    Someone should make a Kickstarter about an insurance service for backing Kickstarter projects ... and then it turns out it's a scam as well.
  12. Vya Domus

    will my 3570k bottleneck 1070ti @ 1440p gaming?

    It will be fine , maybe later down the road upgrade to an i7. By the way maybe look for 1080 , from what I've seen at this moment they both can be had for about the same , almost insignificant difference in price.
  13. Vya Domus

    Where AREZ Thou, GPP? ASUS 180's, Announces ROG Branding is Here to Stay

    But again , it's not something of the same gravity. What Intel did was essentially the equivalent of straight-up bribery. GPP was an intentionally vague optional program which to my knowledge did not involve any payments of any kind. I really don't see how anyone could turn this into a fine...
  14. Vya Domus

    Cooler Master Introduces The New RGB-Touting MA410M Tower Cooler

    Don't know man , not enough pretty lights.
  15. Vya Domus

    CRISIS! PC went game over. What can it be? Shortage?

    The PC in it's entirety is not toasted , probably just the PSU. Regardless the only way forward seems to be to test with another PSU.