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    The Only Thing You Get with Mining Ethereum Now is Room Heating

    Quite the opposite, we all know how much a testimonial is worth over the internet. Again with the typical superiority complex that makes you believe everyone is concerned about your well being. I clearly wasn't, I was just describing an archetype and you proved my point I suppose.
  2. Vya Domus

    The Only Thing You Get with Mining Ethereum Now is Room Heating

    A pretty cringe worthy remark with an elitist allure to it that doesn't mean much. Why do crypto enthusiasts feel the need to make it sound as if they are killing it all the time when we all know that most don't ? Ah, guess I answered my own question. Right, because everyone is crying at the...
  3. Vya Domus

    NVIDIA Does a TrueAudio: RT Cores Also Compute Sound Ray-tracing

    Worry not, we're not in the mid 90's anymore when new audio technology was actually exciting. Hardly anyone cares about this stuff nowadays.
  4. Vya Domus

    What is this chip measurement called?

    There isn't a metric for that because there isn't just one way of testing it. What you are referring to is called sustained performance and you can't have a standard metric for it. Well, you can but it wouldn't tell you much because you would need to have a fixed type of load, cooling, and time...
  5. Vya Domus

    IGN copypasta reviews from little youtube channel

    IGN is still relevant, after all these years ? After so many times they have been exposed for accepting bribes and all sorts of crap. How come there is still a debate going on about their dog shit reviews and content ?
  6. Vya Domus

    NVIDIA Settles Next-Gen GeForce Naming Confusion: It's GTX 2080 (or RTX 2080?)

    Still inferior to what GCN has, regardless few even have a clue what asynchronous compute is really for so it's a moot point talking about it anyway .
  7. Vya Domus

    Intel Teases Their Upcoming Graphics Cards for 2020

    Now matter how much you'll try, if you don't include fixed function hardware blocks like ROPs and TMU it will never succeed as GPU, even if it's supposed to be for professionals. Intel would be shooting themselves in the foot and making the same mistake yet again. They have to get it out of...
  8. Vya Domus

    The Only Thing You Get with Mining Ethereum Now is Room Heating

    As if that wasn't the case since the very beginning with every other coin. :roll:
  9. Vya Domus

    Intel Teases Their Upcoming Graphics Cards for 2020

    Not a whole lot of things to boast about, huh ? Well, I'll hold my breath for the time being. If only it would be that simple.
  10. Vya Domus

    Wireless signals used to detect weaponry

    Detecting and mapping are two very different things. When you try to detect something you already know which signal you are looking for but when you try to map something you don't. This is an extremely rudimentary method (I don't why this is even news) and probably can't be used for much for...
  11. Vya Domus

    The Turing line-up (NVIDIA 20xx) has been revealed

    I was actually agreeing with you, calling out actual fanboys that don't know how a monopoly works. Being bigger doesn't mean you have the ability to cater to every industry out there, as was the case with consoles. Neither Intel or Nvidia could make the products that they wanted even with all...
  12. Vya Domus

    The Turing line-up (NVIDIA 20xx) has been revealed

    Question is, how does a monopoly work when you are the only one that can provide the products that the biggest customers in the industry want and you've never actually had real competitors to begin with. Funny, fanboys don't even know what a monopoly is these days after Intel and Nvidia...
  13. Vya Domus

    Chromebooks to Get Windows Dual-Boot Capability with Campfire

    So they basically admit ChromeOS is a failure ? Already knew that.
  14. Vya Domus

    Google saves your location even with Location history turned off

    You are being grossly over dramatic and flattering actually. They don't care to learn about you but rather about whoever sits behind the device using it. They have hooks in you ? Sorry, that sounds like paranoia if anything, though if you were again exaggerating or joking, excuse me.