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    Corsair Neutron GTX 240 GB

    why do you put "needs SATA III to perform the best" as a con? That's more of an issue with the interface itself not the drive. Also even if it does need it to perform the best, is the performance of SATA II that bad? I don't get how it's a con
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Takes Advantage of DirectX 11, MSR List Out

    I think they've actually done a good job with the IW3 engine I'd like to see what they could do with Source
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    Mad Catz Intros S.T.R.I.K.E.7 Professional Gaming Keyboard

  4. washd123

    GTX 670's / NewEgg / Now

    gigabyte is the best option
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    Newegg caught!

    ...are you serious? they gave you a coupon for 15% off ALL fans, it's not even as if they gave you 15% off just that fan and raised the price. even that isn't anything, it happens all the time, you did this on a sunday you know the end of the week when everything changes you didn't catch...
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    Gigabyte GTX 670 OC First Impressions

    the gigabyte one if you can find it is $399 for an OC'd card, like OP said card is a beast also very quiet
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    GTX 690 vs GTX 590

    gtx 670 in SLI cheaper, less power, cooler, same power
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    Your PC ATM

    finally got a silverstone temjin TJ08e it fits all my specifications, it's small, cool, and quiet. Also it's really really easy to build in, best case I've ever owned.
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    Small Cool and Silent?

    I finally got the TJ08e, I also put in a corsair H60 cooler since it's easier to build with, I replaced the stock corsair fan with a 800rpm slipstream from scythe. I'm adding a second fan soon. The build is silent the only noise generates from my psu and gpu, well and the hdd's. Overall silent...
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    Am I the only one mad I paid for a 680 when could just got the 670?

    I doubt they intended that way it just happened to be, the gtx570 was close to the gtx580 there was enough of a gap to warrant the price gap this is so close nvidia is shooting themselves in the foot
  11. washd123

    Am I the only one mad I paid for a 680 when could just got the 670?

    it's not hate it's called being good with money (well getting the most from it) why would I pay $100 more when I can just overclock and get the same performance? or why would I pay 25% more for at best 10% more performance?
  12. washd123

    Am I the only one mad I paid for a 680 when could just got the 670?

    I feel bad for anyone who bought a gtx680 at this point 90% of the performance for $100 less? hell yes
  13. washd123

    Tom's Hardware tests the HD7850 768sm

    The Review looks like it performs about as well as a hd6870, if they cut the RAM to 1gb and release it at a price of $175 it could give a lot of competition for nvidias cards at that range
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    AMD Readies Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition

    ...what? how is paying the same price for a card that performs worse, runs hotter, and uses more power a better deal?
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    Small Cool and Silent?

    hm, so even though the TJ08e looks better the ps-07 is probably the better choice since it's cheaper and the fans can be swapped