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    [FS] UK. pc towers

    nice lookin' builds...
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    overclocking i7 920

    I can admit that I just assumed that ALL 'same' mobos or ALL 'same' CPUs were the same so therefore the BIOS settings for A would equally apply to me since we both had same hardware.... wrong, wrong, wrong.... Read as much as you can find (trust me there is a lot!) then slooooowly start to...
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    Building a budget PhotoShop computer

    8500's are generally good clockers so its down to a decent clocking mobo and max out the ram ... Edit: Look at Xeons as well... better clockers....
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    Building a budget PhotoShop computer

    Don't use so not 100% sure, but I believe that PS is still not multithreaded so a decent CPU (E8500 is a great chip btw) with max Ram should be OK for (near) future. I've always thought it was more memory than CPU intensive, unless its changed drastically over the years altho you're right about...
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    [FS] [UK] MoonPig's Clearout

    I just wish I had the readies as I'd take your 450.... I hate not earning enuff!
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    Water Cooled, Sandy Bridge 2600K

    Drool..... me wants..... me can't afford..... bummer!
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    Faulty i7 920?

    I'd say memory.... try using 1 stick at a time then add another.. I had this problem and currently run with 5Gb!
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    iPhone... Your Thoughts

    I still like and use my JB 3GS... it does everything I want it to. I will admit that Apple do overprice their gear (even 2nd hand prices are high) but as they tend to lead the field (iPod, iPhone and iPad) they will always charge more until someone comes out with an iDevice beater, then they...
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    GIGABYTE X58A-UD7 is it worth buying?

    Titan Fenrir is supposed to be the best cooler @ mo... just not sure if it will fit on board tho .... I'm using a CoolerMaster V8 on my 920 @ present but it struggles to cope past 4.2GHz... the V10 would be better for non OC'd boards but again not sure if it would clear your choice of board...
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    GIGABYTE X58A-UD7 is it worth buying?

    Voted yes... if you can afford it then go for it. I've a few Giga boards over the last 5 years and have never had a problem with any of them. Currently running a UD5 and I love it... Go for the biggest branded PSU you can afford. Case... how about the Zalman GS or MS 1000 series?
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    Are you getting TPU Forum mails to Yahoo?

    Yes it's now working... A. I did think that it was unusual to not have any notifications, but have been too busy to actually check.. B. Only just got an email notification and was browsing.. C. Well I think I've answered that one..
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    [Core i7] Watercooling discussion thread

    Got my HK ... just saving up for a Primochill Typhoon III then should be good to go...
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    TPU's Core i7 Overclocking and Feedback

    Can you flash back to ud5 if it fails/is worse? Just checking...
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    TPU's Core i7 Overclocking and Feedback

    How did you manage that? more details please..... looks f"£$king awesome to me...!!!!!
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    TPU's Core i7 Overclocking and Feedback

    My mistake meant HT .... been a long week that's getting longer!! :respect: