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    What's the primary resolution/refresh rate you're gaming at on your PC (2022)?

    Gigabyte M27Q here, I run it at 144Hz cos my 6700xt coil whines quite audibly above 130ish fps
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    A520M-A PRO+6600XT - Bad performance in CS:GO

    What are your ram specs? Did you ddu when changing the gpu?
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    Alder Lake Build + RTX 3070ti - Low 0.1% and 1% Lows Framerate?

    Maybe Windows 10 is your problem, I remember reading somewhere that some games have issues with ADL on win10 vs 11. Or you could disable the e-cores to see if that helps
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    Tweaked i5 12400F meets tweaked 5600X!

    Thanks for the comparison!
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    Brief Report on Silicon Quality of 3700X, Batch 2036SUS

    I've got a 2035 r5 3600 and it does 4.525 GHz at 1.35v in every benchmark I've thrown at it, the later model chips seem to have significantly better silicon quality as I've seen many people struggle to get even 4.1 all core with the earlier chips. Nice article btw!
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    Ryzen 5 3600 turbo speeds

    Can we not just agree to disagree? There is plenty of information about these things for someone to make a reasonable judgement. At the end of the day, it's your cpu, do with it what you will. Personally, stock with a mem oc is what I run and am very happy with it.
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    Ryzen 5 3600 turbo speeds

    It depends on the workload, my 3600 acts the same way. It's not realistic to achieve maximum boost clocks all the time, plus the extra 50-150 mhz won't provide any meaningful performance benefit
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    Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - CPU Performance and general game benchmark discussions

    Looks like your graphics settings are on custom instead of lowest mate It's a good indication of in game performance, but some of the more populated areas can get a lot more taxing on the cpu than the built in benchmark
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    Lenovo Teases NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 Ti Clock Speeds and TGP

    The 3060 mobile version has 6gb, the desktop has 12gb. So maybe 8gb 128-bit memory config?
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    Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - CPU Performance and general game benchmark discussions

    Deleted my old post because I forgot to turn off AA 4.525 all core, 3666 ram 16-16-19-16-36 plus a few secondary timings, +150ish gpu core
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    PC will not start (Exhaustive details inside post).

    I changed motherboard and cpu a few months ago and forgot to plug the power button into the motherboard. Any chance you made the same mistake?
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    Thermalright Rolls Out the 47mm-Tall AXP90-X47 Low-profile CPU Cooler

    Looks decent for sff pc's
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    Can't boot after tweeking cpu

    What settings did you change before it stopped working?
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    ASRock RX 590 severely underperforming - Help

    Looks like you're running at pcie 1.1 instead of 3.0
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    CPUZ silent CTD at 82% "updates"

    Maybe your antivirus software is stopping it