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    ASUS Announces the Premium ROG Thor PSU Lineup

    From the article "The innards of the PSU series is based on Seasonic's prime, but optimized on components and heatsinks."
  2. Whilhelm

    SilverStone ECM23 is an M.2 Riser+Heatsink Letting You Slot-in Your Drives Like Cartridges

    I have five of the JEYI ones from Aliexpress and they work awesome for all my m.2 SSDs. These are great if you have the PCIE lanes to make use of.
  3. Whilhelm

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX Pricing Founders Edition Revealed

    Note it says; From $999 in the presentation I assume the Founders pre-order cards have a 200 dollar premium and the add in boards will start at 999
  4. Whilhelm

    Origin PC Announces Two New Thin and Light Intel Core i9 Gaming Laptops

    Looking at the 4 vents at the sides and back along with the large mesh vents and tall rubber feet on the bottom I would expect this to cool a lot better than the Apple offering.
  5. Whilhelm

    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces ROG Swift PG65 BFGD

    I wonder if any of the big TV manufactures have something in the pipe that can compete with these. Depending on cost compared to other high end 65" TVs these could be very interesting indeed. With a Sheild built in this is essentially a smart TV without the typical compromises. The footnote...
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    CORSAIR Builds the World's Fastest 32GB 4x8GB DDR4 Memory Kit

    It's harder to get 4 sticks to run at these speeds than 2 so buying two kits and getting to them to run at these clocks might not be that simple. Look at all the SKUs on Gskills website. They sell everything below 4200 in sets of more than 2. If they could get the faster sticks to work reliably...
  7. Whilhelm

    CORSAIR Builds the World's Fastest 32GB 4x8GB DDR4 Memory Kit

    I appreciate your memory reviews for that reason. It makes no sense to review kits like that, also then there is no joy in finding those mid range kits that clock like crazy for a fraction of the cost. Buying something that is supposed to go at insane speeds and having problems achieving it is...
  8. Whilhelm

    Cooler Master Launches New 120, 140 mm RGB Fans, C10L Fan Controller

    Why does the inline Controller use a molex power connector? Those things need to go away already. If I was using this I would chop it off and crimp on a Sata power connector just to save having a useless run of molex cables coming out of my PSU.
  9. Whilhelm

    CORSAIR Builds the World's Fastest 32GB 4x8GB DDR4 Memory Kit

    I completely agree. It's a pretty sweet deal when you can just blame the motherboard or CPU IMC if your memory doesn't run at the rated speed. These kinds of ultra high speed kits have always been really silly and pointless since the dawn of DDR memory.
  10. Whilhelm

    CORSAIR Builds the World's Fastest 32GB 4x8GB DDR4 Memory Kit

    I think the key difference here is that they validated their speed with 4x8GB. They make a point of stating; "Typically, the fastest DDR4 memory kits are limited to low-capacity kits, but with this kit CORSAIR has combined ultra-high frequency, with high capacity" All of the Gskill kits above...
  11. Whilhelm

    NVIDIA Announces the TITAN Xp Star Wars Collectable Editions

    WOW and I was silly enough to think Nvidia would bring something new to the table when they were teasing these on social media last week. This has to be the most shameless movie tie-in cash grab ever, but I guess what's the point in making anything new when you have no competition. Also...
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    ASUS Intros WS X299 Pro Socket LGA2066 Motherboard

    It seems like Asus has been on a strange path with its product releases. Their TUF branded boards seem like budget boards now and there is a lot of overlap between the Strix and ROG branding. They have definitely been shifting their focus to "gaming" boards. In the past the WS was always...
  13. Whilhelm

    ASUS Intros WS X299 Pro Socket LGA2066 Motherboard

    This thing looks like a piece of crap compared to their last two HEDT WS boards. I was fully expecting to see this with 7 x16 pci-e slots and 1 or even 2 dimm.2 slots. Oh and no 10GbE and it also looks like they ditched the PLX controllers as well.
  14. Whilhelm

    Marseille Commercializes the mCable Gaming Edition: HDMI-embedded Anti-Aliasing

    This is pretty interesting for older consoles or HTPCs that have mid range GPUs that can't manage AA without frame rate hit. My question is if all your sources pass through a receiver would one of these cables going from the receiver to the display apply this effect to all the sources? If so...
  15. Whilhelm

    Drain port at the out of the pump?

    I have a T right off my pump outlet that leads to a drain shutoff valve. It causes no issues with draining the loop and is probably the most efficient place to put it.