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    MAFIA: Trilogy ( Remastered version of Mafia II & Mafia III out now )

    I too own mafia on CD. It was a pretty cool game that I never finished. At the time I remember thinking it was one of the better looking games available.
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    What are you playing?

    All I have been playing since last Friday is Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. Such a fun game.
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    just won seasonics rig pic compo

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    [Official] Half-Life: Alyx! Discussion thread.

    I typically hate teleporting in VR games so I was pleased this game offers both. Those Resins are in some odd spots so yeah i searched everything in this game to find them all. I didn't realize until maybe 4 hours in that i could open yellow chests. Figured they were just there so i know I...
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    [Official] Half-Life: Alyx! Discussion thread.

    I finished the game yesterday. Clocked in right at 20 hours. I took my time searching every nook but my next playthrough I will push through faster. This was one fantastic experience!! I love this game. I do hope Valve gets off their butts this time and actually release another. They made the...
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    [Official] Half-Life: Alyx! Discussion thread.

    I fired this up for the first time tonight. All I have to say is HOLY COW this is amazing. I've played some really awesome VR games but this has got to be the most amazing experience in VR yet. Just wow. I read a lot of people having problems with motion sickness but I have none at all. Game is...
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    What other PlayStation exclusives would you like to see come to PC ?

    That would be sweet and sour all at once. I bought a PS4 mainly for The Last of Us 2. I never expected to wait this long for the game. I'm sure if it does come out on PC it will be like a year after it releases on PS4 and I'll buy it again on PC anyway just because.
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    What other PlayStation exclusives would you like to see come to PC ?

    I use a keyboard and mouse when playing most PS4 titles. Works wonderful.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn (PC) (Steam)

    I'll skip the PC version since I already played it on PS4 Pro but for those that have never played this...wooo you'll dig it I bet!
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    What other PlayStation exclusives would you like to see come to PC ?

    Uncharterd series and Last of US 1 & 2 That's it. Only reason I buy a Playstation anyway.
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    What are you guys using to drive 250ohm headsets?

    I use a custom made OTL amp to run my 300 ohm HD600's until I recently sold them. Now the amp just sits there all pretty like.
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    What are you playing?

    Started Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order last week and just finished it tonight. A lot of good moments mixed with lots of tedious tracking through the maps. I'm glad it's over but I enjoyed the ride.
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    My first time fixing a speaker.

    Good work man!
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    Good News and Bad News for the Witcher TV Series

    I love the witcher but after watching this first season I can honestly say the show is not that great at all. I may not even watch the second season at all when it arrives in 2021. The acting is good and I like the actors being used, visually it is stunning so no complaints there but the story...