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    Which games haven't you finished yet?

    "ALL OF THEM!"
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    A Plague Tale: Innocence: My Mini Review.

    I bought this game at release. I have not installed it yet. Reviews state 8 hours to complete it. I'm fine with that considering the price and how good the reviews are.
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    Are these appropriate games for a 12 year old child.

    I'm not overly strict on the types of games my kids can play. My son is only 4 so I do only allow him to play 'kid' friendly games but my daughter plays games like Ark, Atlas and other survival type games. I prefer games with no swearing but violence is ok as long as it is not overly bloody. My...
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    Are these appropriate games for a 12 year old child.

    Me too. My daughter now thinks she knows everything...it's funny watching this with my own memories reminding me how I used to think too. Like you I learned a long time ago that 1. My parents actually knew what was up. 2. I don't know a fraction of what I thought I did.
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    Are these appropriate games for a 12 year old child.

    I have a couple of kids and my 9 year old daughter does these dumb fortnite dances and I cringe every time. Maybe it's my age but damn what is up with all these stupid dance moves?
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    Ubisoft is trying to wipe out key reselling with 'silent key activation'

    Even now if you buy a ubi game on steam, you have to have uplay but you load the game from steam and uplay works in the background. So yeah...it launches through steam no problem.
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    20 Million PC Gamers to Switch to Consoles by 2022, as per Jon Peddie Research

    Yeah. I'll be PC gaming until I die. Been playing consoles since I was a kid and my Dad brought home a brand new Atari 2600 and I still buy consoles to this day but PC is where my heart is at. Can't be beat.
  8. WhiteNoise

    just bought a palit 2080TI..

    Agreed. In some cases we do not have the ability to properly test and review an item. That's why we have the option to decline to review something. I have declined loads of kit over the years because I did not feel I could review it properly. Sure some people will accept it and then just place a...
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    just bought a palit 2080TI..

    I'm a newegg reviewer and have been for years. I am more than capable of reviewing the items I receive. And those items I do not feel I am qualified for I do not accept the item for review at all. My point being not all reviews at Newegg are bogus. There are people like me who enjoy reviewing...
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    Looking for a gritty new FPS to push my new GPU to the limit (2015-present)

    Dying Light is one of the best games out of all the ones suggested. Damn that was fun playing with my buddy. Can't wait for DL2.
  11. WhiteNoise

    Good Jet Fighter game

    Well that blows. I don't get why a dev team would shut out more players by not supporting different sticks. What a dumb move.
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    Good Jet Fighter game

    Why can't you just manually set up the game to work with your current HOTAS setup? Using the software that came with my CH Poducts kit I have been able to use it with any flight game I have tried. Is this not possible?
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    Grim Dawn ( Titan Quest \ Diablo fans )

    I agree that the Acts in POE are really the tutorial. I just enjoy the tutorial more than the end game. I still dig the game and I have an investment in it too. I run a map here and there when I'm bored or if a friend wants to play a bit but I'm pretty burnt out. GD does have a more simplified...
  14. WhiteNoise

    Noctua NH-D15 and my Ryzen 7 1700X.

    Good lord those coolers are huge.