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Mar 25, 2015
Jun 12, 2007
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, from Wangas, New Zealand

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Mar 25, 2015
    1. grunt_408
      I lmfao when i read about the harvey norman one.
    2. grunt_408
      I would like to go to one of them expos, right up my alley. Yep I did have a friend tell me that their computer was playing up so I said unplug the tower and bring it around, she was like um dont you mean the hard drive? lol I said no the hard drive is inside the case she was like oh well ill just bring the whole box thingy over then! lol. How was that earthquake? Did you feel it? I am just about to upgrade my pc soon. Finaly can get an i7 something I have wanted for sometime now. What is the deal with being a "system builder" registered with microsoft? OEM Vista comes with a free upgrade to 7 when it is released but you need to be a system builder wtf. I have built enough systems now to be one lol.
      Just got back from Melbourne today with our daughter. Looks like she will have the tracheostomy for another 2 years yet :( .
    3. grunt_408
      Yep that trojan made a mess of the O/s I cleaned it gave it back and told them to now back up all of your pics and stuff then give it back to me for a clean install. The reason why they had problems is they had 2 anti-virus proggys and they dont seem to work well together lol :p
    4. Triprift
    5. grunt_408
      The laptop I have in bits atm is a Neo Q-note. Cant get them over here. The lady took it to our local shop they said it could not be fixed lol. I found a screen for $150.00 on egay of all places. I didnt have the heart to lie to her and say it is useless just give it to me and I will throw it away :p. The last PC i cleaned had that winpc anti virus worm on it. Pretty easy to get rid of. But the pc would only start in safe mode it really messed up the O/S. Once I got rid of it there was no problems. I just hooked up the hdd to my pc and scanned it that way.
    6. grunt_408
      Not too bad mate I have been busy cleaning virus's and fixing laptops building pc's lol and I dont do it for a job just word of mouth gets around :p.
    7. grunt_408
      yo wassup bro? keeping you busy at werk fixing puters?
    8. Triprift
      Im going good myself theres the usual family probs but things are on the improve so yeah going good. Look forward to seeing you around.
    9. Triprift
      Hey my kiwi friend good to see ya here long time no see.
    10. Hayder_Master
      im fine and doing well here , everyday i do check TPU and i miss your posts here , and nice to hear about work i work as IT too , so maybe see you around next time , good luck
    11. Hayder_Master
      hello my friend i miss you , how you doin
    12. grunt_408
      lol Its the first sign of madness talking to yourself :)
    13. Widjaja
      Posted reply to myself yet again. . . .:rolleyes::p
    14. grunt_408
    15. grunt_408
      Glad to read you are still fixing pc's I would really enjoy going down that road when I am ready to return to the workforce. I have upgraded a couple laptops on their ram nothing else as yet but its all easy once you know how to :)
    16. Widjaja
      Must have been away from this forum for quite a while to forget what you had in your system.
      My 4850 is still going strong, survived the summer heat even when getting to 101degC at max load.
      Now it's Autumn it's back to 96degC average max temp.
      Upgraded a laptop yesterday.
      Always wanted to see if a laptop CPU can be upgraded.
      The laptop is still not great but its better than what is was before cosidering everything I installed was free.
      It was an ACER Extensa 2300.
      Celeron M 1.4Ghz to a Pentium M 1.5Ghz, faster RAM, DVD ROM to DVD/RW drive and 20GB to 60 GB drive.

      New Zealand is full of well established cowboy PC companys who will build systems for the customers with a very assuring speech telling them what they get is the best of the best which is true to a point.
      CPU, and GPU are top spec, with and average motherboard, average RAM, and usually a poor underpowered generic PSU.
      Then they have an issue with the system.
      And as always the cable management is terrible and the case may as well have been made out of tin foil.
    17. grunt_408
      I sold my old 2 4850's they used to work well in crossfire but never perfect coz one of em was 1gb and other was 512mb. I still have the old e6750 rig with the 3870 it is still going strong! I never had a 4870 but i think the 2 4850's were faster than one of them anyway. I cant wait to give the 4890 a run. I have been doing some cable managment on my main pc while it's out of action should be good to post some pics of it soon without getting told to tidy up the wires :P
    18. grunt_408
      We are all doing well bubs is a little celebrity now been in the paper a couple times. I have been busy with her and upgrading/overclocking my pc. I ordered myself a 4890 the other day and my main pc is without a VGA untill it arrives :(.
    19. grunt_408
      Hi man where have you been?
    20. cricketol
      hi i was wondering how fast u got your socket 939 X2 4800 to go to did u hit 3000gh?
    21. grunt_408
      Hey Widjaja I have been real busy lately man you know how it is. I have nearly got all of the cups for GRID I have unlocked all of the licenses. It is an o.k game it makes me realize how much I suck at it when I play it online though. :p Edit: I did read the message that you sent to yourself lol.
    22. Triprift
      I posted a few spore screenines in mah thread
    23. Widjaja
      Tired, been very busy hex editing GRID and researching the csv file, I'll show you some pics of what I've done after I get some sleep.

      Infact I just realized I sent this message to my self. . . .:wtf:

      Okay later.
    24. grunt_408
      Hey man hows it going
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