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Wile E
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Feb 10, 2017
Oct 1, 2006
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Jan 10, 1977 (Age: 40)

Wile E

Power User, Male, 40

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Feb 10, 2017
    1. jmcslob
    2. grunt_408
      Not a bad idea hey.
    3. grunt_408
    4. Triprift
    5. Bjorn_Of_Iceland
      Elfen Lied... Now I remember your avatar. Was trying to recollect hehe
    6. erocker
      Bigger question: Why in the hell would anyone even want to remotely copy the Cubs logo?! Eeewwwww.....
    7. Wrigleyvillain
      Team Clit? And whats with that horrible rip off of the Chicago Cubs logo lol?
    8. Ghost Walker
      Ghost Walker
      you want a pic of something i did over 15 years ago. i just may have one.
      couldnt help see you live in sout Fla. my wife is a native palm beacher....been married to her for over 30 years....yeah i sure miss Florida. By the way , i can understand the wise comment about what you are on the net , but i realy am a pro. pulling the trani on a firetruck..the hydrolic jack blew..put me in the back seat for working on cars for sure!
      i have no idea how to post a pic on here anyway ..but if i did and it actually worked i could show you waht the "LADY" looks like . i have owned my mustang for 23 years now and she shows it. no i dont take care of it like maybe i should. been sitting now beacuse of what i did to the shock towers (cracks) for almost 5 years. havent been able to do anything with it since. looked like a volkswagon in the front end. /---\ lol cars was my life and computers was a hobbie, not true anymore.
    9. DaedalusHelios
      Thanks man. ;)
    10. TheMailMan78
      Hey man I tried to send you a PM and it says you don't love me no mo.
    11. DaMulta
    12. Wile E
      Wile E
      lol. thanks hayder.
    13. Hayder_Master
      hello wile-E im just shot now about your number of posts , dumm you pass 10K , congratulation wile -E
    14. Solaris17
      ooo i bought that last week ironicly my rig has been out of comission wating on parts so their isnt a MB on it but i maged to get in a couple tests and im very happy with the resaults
      even though alot of people said it had bad sectors not mine damn newegg n00bs
    15. Wile E
      Wile E
      lol. I managed to sneak in a Samsung F1 1TB, but that's about it.
    16. Solaris17
      me either good thing i didnt show meg the bills
    17. Wile E
      Wile E
      lol. Fair enough.

      Wish I had some new stuff to mod and test here. Board with the 8800's, and can't afford new stuff. :(
    18. Solaris17
      no thats all i had i saw your post count and thats the best i could up with now im done i may have had a more intelligent response but its late and i have alot of building modding and testing to do tomarrow...so thats all i can come up with.
    19. Wile E
      Wile E
      lol. Care to explain?
    20. Solaris17
      you my friend may be a skank
    21. Wile E
    22. panchoman
      congrats on the 10k posts man. thats amazing.
    23. Wile E
      Wile E
      Or maybe I'll get 2 custom titles. lol.
    24. Triprift
      maybe youll get ya stars back under ur custom title :eek:
    25. Wile E
      Wile E
      lol. I've been wondering that myself mlee.
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    Jan 10, 1977 (Age: 40)


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    “What the hell did you expect? Leave Vista under the pillow and the OS fairy would make it Win7?” El Fiendo
    “And Bring Mailman back god damnit, he is the Eric Cartman of TPU” MRCL
  • System Name: The ClusterF**k
    Processor: 980X @ 4Ghz
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 BIOS F12
    Cooling: MCR-320, DDC-1 pump w/Bitspower res top (1/2" fittings), Koolance CPU-360
    Memory: 3x2GB Mushkin Redlines 1600Mhz 6-8-6-24 1T
    Video Card(s): Evga GTX 580
    Hard Disk(s): Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB, 2xSeagate 320GB RAID0; 2xSeagate 3TB; 2xSamsung 2TB; Samsung 1.5TB
    Optical Drive: LG WH10LS30K 10X Blu-ray Burner
    LCD/CRT Model: HP LP2475w 24" 1920x1200 IPS
    Case: Technofront Bench Station
    Sound Card: Auzentech X-Fi Forte into Onkyo SR606 and Polk TSi200's + RM6750
    Power Supply: ENERMAX Galaxy EVO EGX1250EWT 1250W
    Software: Win7 Ultimate N x64, OSX 10.8.4
  • Heatware Username:Wile E