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Wile E
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  • Bigger question: Why in the hell would anyone even want to remotely copy the Cubs logo?! Eeewwwww.....
    you want a pic of something i did over 15 years ago. i just may have one.
    couldnt help see you live in sout Fla. my wife is a native palm beacher....been married to her for over 30 years....yeah i sure miss Florida. By the way , i can understand the wise comment about what you are on the net , but i realy am a pro. pulling the trani on a firetruck..the hydrolic jack blew..put me in the back seat for working on cars for sure!
    i have no idea how to post a pic on here anyway ..but if i did and it actually worked i could show you waht the "LADY" looks like . i have owned my mustang for 23 years now and she shows it. no i dont take care of it like maybe i should. been sitting now beacuse of what i did to the shock towers (cracks) for almost 5 years. havent been able to do anything with it since. looked like a volkswagon in the front end. /---\ lol cars was my life and computers was a hobbie, not true anymore.
    ooo i bought that last week ironicly my rig has been out of comission wating on parts so their isnt a MB on it but i maged to get in a couple tests and im very happy with the resaults
    even though alot of people said it had bad sectors not mine damn newegg n00bs
    lol. Fair enough.

    Wish I had some new stuff to mod and test here. Board with the 8800's, and can't afford new stuff. :(
    no thats all i had i saw your post count and thats the best i could up with now im done i may have had a more intelligent response but its late and i have alot of building modding and testing to do tomarrow...so thats all i can come up with.
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