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    Intel Core i9-12900K "Alder Lake" Beats Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX at Cinebench R23 nT

    Maybe the only task of that Thread Director is to hide those extra cores from Windows, or at least from the Windows user.
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    Infineon's New 300 mm Fab Opens Three Months Ahead of Schedule

    The lug nuts got evicted from the reorder buffer because it was full. Here's an overview of what Europe has. Apparently, Infineon is on 90 nm and larger, and Bosch is on 65 nm. The lack of semiconductor manufacturing in Europe
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    Gigabyte Unveils its New U4-series of Ultralight Notebooks

    My age is past the sweet spot already, so my retina's requirements are a little bit lower.
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    Microsoft Dives into the Internals of Windows 11

    If you had a choice, and could buy a CPU in an 8+8 or 10+0 configuration from the same manufacturer at the same price, which one would you choose?
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    "Zen 3" Chiplet Uses a Ringbus, AMD May Need to Transition to Mesh for Core-Count Growth

    Lower latency matters a lot or not at all, depending on the (server or HPC) application. Apart from the latency issue, AMD probably has things like 144-core CPU in its plans, which can be achieved with as 18 chiplets x 8 cores, or 12x12, or 9x16. Imagine the monster interconnect, of any...
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    IBM Unveils New Generation of IBM Power Servers for Frictionless, Scalable Hybrid Cloud

    What's the benefit of this high number of threads per core? Sure, it can be made to work, but it requires an insane number of execution units*, a really fat decoder (or several independent decoders?) and of course enough cache. So which parts of the core are better utilized when running eight...
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    Intel CEO Predicts Chips Will Cost 20% of Future Cars' Bill of Materials by 2030

    It looks like the car manufacturers' supply chains aren't brittle enough yet.
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    Windows 11 Releases October 5th, Free Upgrade from Windows 10

    Like W10? For those who stay on 10, there will indeed be fewer reasons for update-o-phobia from now on. 11, however, will keep getting feature updates and UI changes for many years to come, each one with a lot of potential to break a thing or two.
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    Microsoft to Ban Unsupported Machines from Windows 11 Updates

    The great big little scheduler that absolutely can't be backported to Windows 10 because it's so great.
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    TerraMaster NAS Feature in-built Anti-Ransomware

    I guess it works purrfectly and protects your data flawlessly, until it's hacked.
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    Intel Arc Graphics Cards Set to Feature Official Overclocking Support at Launch

    Intel Arc Graphics Cards Set to Feature Official Warranty Voiding Support at Launch
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    Samsung Brings In-memory Processing Power to Wider Range of Applications

    The second illustration is immensely informative. Here's another one that reveals a little bit more:
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    AMD Socket AM5 "Zen 4" Processors to have RDNA2 Integrated Graphics Across the Lineup

    While I agree that packing the iGPU with the cores is the least likely option, it would have one big advantage: it would put the graphics cores close to the large and precious L3 cache. The (optional and precious) 3D V-cache extension would thus benefit both the CPU and GPU parts. AMD would...
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    AMD Socket AM5 "Zen 4" Processors to have RDNA2 Integrated Graphics Across the Lineup

    You're suggesting that AMD is going to have two distinct product lines for the desktop, one monolithic and the other made with chiplets? It could be, and it raises the question: where will they put the iGPU? On one CCD? Both CCDs? The I/O die? A separate chiplet, possibly?
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    Kingston Announces New Industrial microSD Cards

    It's a funny situation when FCC certification is required for SD card but not for the adapter, probably because it has no active electronics inside (just a few innocent-looking antennas).