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    laptop is power throttling for no reason

    post pics of your throttlestop settings n such
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    MAJOR Throttling Issue on Core i5 8250U (Lenovo ThinkPad L380 Yoga)

    most of those values seem weird, are u using windows 11 by any chance?
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    How do I revert the TPL to default settings?

    You can try deleting the .ini file and rebooting ur pc afterwards , although you have to reapply every other change you've done
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    XPS 15 9570 undervolt not working (FIVR is NOT locked)

    Some solutions are found here : https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/throttlestop-dead-on-windows-11.284102/
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    Extreme throttling when in charge. i5-10210U | Acer A315-55G

    Tick one option between high perfomance or speed shift EPP, set ICC to the max values on Fivr windows for both cache and core . I believe you can try increasing pl1 limit while decreasing pl2 in order to find a 'sweet spot' in temps/perfomance. If you havent repasted the laptop/cleaned fans and...
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    Random voltage drops when gaming in performance mode since undervolt attempt

    Have u tweaked your power plan settings at all?
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    Acer Nitro 5 i5-10300H undervolt causing framedrop

    setting max processor state to 99% disables your turbo boost which makes your cpu run cooler but way slower so i'd advice u to not do that , also having ticked high perfomance power plan + speed shift epp can cause trouble so its best to tick only one of them .The fps drop could be due to a...
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    c0% not reaching 100% on i7-10750h

    thank you
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    c0% not reaching 100% on i7-10750h

    Hello, ive done some tweaks in ts in hopes of a good balance between temps/perfomance First of all, ive lowered epp to 0 and i was able to undervolt even further from my last stable -100 uv , then i tweaked a bit on pl limits from the default 200-200 to power throttle so i dont exceed 95-97...
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    Peak laptop temps reaching almost 100°C

    ive misread your previous comment about speed shift, i lowered the max value down to 45 to test the perfomance/temps balance as for reducing turbo ratio limits , how should i proceed?lowering each by a certain amount or certain cores only? Edit: I've done some tests with r23and only had about...
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    Peak laptop temps reaching almost 100°C

    i've set speed shift at 64 from 32 and played a while with log file on not much of a change ,about 1-2 celcius difference , i've also attached the log file just in case
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    Peak laptop temps reaching almost 100°C

    Could the higher temps occur due to the ram running at higher speeds than the default 2666mhz?Also, could further undervolt help the situation? I've tried setting it to -115 both core and cache and my pc froze , as far as i know those 2 dont need to be always the same value but i dont know which...
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    Peak laptop temps reaching almost 100°C

    Hello, although i've undervolted my laptop , replaced its heatsink and thermal paste , and used a cooling pad it still manages to reach near 100 celsius while playing apex legends .I've got a MSI GF-65 10 SDR laptop with an 1660ti and 16 gb ram (slightly oc'd to run at 2933mhz) .Below are my...
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    TS Bench and Limits

    I see, thank you
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    TS Bench and Limits

    Hello, i ran ts bench in order to see the limit tab and see if there's a problem ,while the test was running , a few tabs started flashing red n yellow in the limit section , below are my settings: (same voltages for cache) . So, i was wondering if there's something i can do to prevent those...