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    Samsung Begins Mass-production of 30.72-terabyte PM1643 SSD

    Opps, sorry, I meant RAID 1, I don't know why I wrote RAID 0.. I even hate RAID 0 for home user not to speak enterprise.
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    Samsung Begins Mass-production of 30.72-terabyte PM1643 SSD

    And when it fails, kaboooom you need at least 2 in RAID 0 to feel safe with such capacities...
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    QNAP Launches the TS-253Be and TS-453Be NAS with M.2 SSD and 10GbE Expandability

    My opinion with all these NAS's is that they're overpriced...
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    Highlights from AMD Earnings Call: Hardened "Zen2" and 7 nm "Vega" by 2019

    Between Tape outs and release is not a minimum of 1 year, it's 9 Months but it can be a year or more if there's some problems in the design or in first production. The original AMD statement was the Tape out will be in 2H18, meaning it can be from July to December, so if we're lucky to have the...
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    AMD Cancels Implicit Primitive Shader Driver Support

    The original promise is that it will be enabled at the driver level, developers won't need to change a thing to enable it. so every body will directly get benefit from it... But it seems that AMD saw it requires a huge amount of work from their side, so they just forgot about their promise and...
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    Integral Has Done It Again, Announces World-First 512 GB MicroSD Card

    Now create a U3 version of this.. to guarantee a minimum of 30MB/s write speed. The issues with huge capacities is that they compromise performance for more storage.. but don't forgot, if they only guarantee 10MB/s write speed. then they can guarantee you that you can fill it in at least 14...
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    Google and Mozilla Push for AV1 Image Format Adoption, Beats JPEG and HEIC

    If it doesn't support both lossy & lossless + alpha channels + standard & custom color palette (like 256 colors, 16.7M, HDR 10 & 12bit) then it's not modern enough.
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    NVIDIA to Launch Efficiency-Oriented GeForce GTX 1050 Max-Q, Aims at Intel EMIB

    GTX 1050Ti is better IMO, brings almost twice the performance over prev. gen. GTX 960.. but the non-Ti version is slower...
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    Marvell's Ready to launch QLC Controller Delivers 670K IOPS

    I wonder when will they have the new SATA standard ? SATA SSD's needs some boost, M.2 are nice but we just started to get 3 slots in some motherboards and we can't use a cable with that we need that ugly U.2 port or the uglier SATA Express one...
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    Intel Could Ditch AMD dGPU Die on Future Core G-series MCMs with "Arctic Sound"

    I wonder if these dGPU's will do good for miners, then a $200 one will be sold for $600.. seriously, if these will only be for pGPU on the MCM is okay, but not a separate GPU card, they will need serious shit to go this high. Raja will have a great FineWine(tm) by then.
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    VESA Announces DP8K, HBR-Supporting Cables and Work on Next-Gen DP

    I think for future proof system a single cable should be able to handle: Full USB 3.1 gen2. 4K 144Hz HDR (12bit). This without compression. and things to spare also. With compression, without USB (or with 5gbps USB 3.1 gen1).. it better can handle 2x 4K HDR streams at 120Hz.
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    AMD Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Processors Launch in March

    Current Ryzen platform already have USB 3.1 g2, the X370 & B350 has 2 while the A320 only has 1...
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    Samsung Unveils First Thunderbolt 3 QLED Curved Monitor

    Please, CF791 successor (CF792 ?) with HDR10, 120Hz FreeSync 2. DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0.. Thunderbolt 3 is a plus also... And Please, make a second exact version just with G-Sync HDR.. CG792 ?
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    Iiyama Reveals New G-Master GB2730QS and G3266HS Gaming Monitors

    Dude, that one is 22 years old, some of the guys here were ghost before birth, and some were breastfeeding.. at least I was playing outside after coming back from school.. But, companies never learn, and I'm still looking for a good Ultrawide 1440p monitor, although the dream resolution does...
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    NVIDIA Quietly Rolls Out GeForce MX130 and MX110 Notebook GPUs

    With the new Intel+AMD iGPU the MX150 it self is somehow pointless now, and maybe these new babies will be a hard sell.