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    QNAP Releases the Intel Dual-core TS-251B SOHO NAS

    So the PCIe slot is 2.0 and 2 lanes only, that's a theoretical maximum of 1GB/s less than 10Gbps Ethernet actually and we're still not talking about M.2 SSD caching !!
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    Rumor: AMD's Zen 2, 7 nm Chips to Feature 10-15% IPC Uplift, Revised 8-core per CCX Design

    Regardless if these leaks are true or exaggerated. AMD is on the right track. not like Intel with their new 8C/8C without hyperthreading.. again if the leaks are true.
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    Blackmagic Design Announces Blackmagic eGPU

    It's a Radeon Pro 580, it's not even out there for sale. only available in Apple's products, it uses the full Polaris GPU, the only similar in the market GPU is the Radeon Pro WX 7100 which cost $599. Of course, Radeon Pro 580 is different, and being specialized for Apple & BlackMagic (OEM's to...
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    ASUSTOR Announces The New AS3102T v2 and AS3204T v2 - Redefining the Enthusiast NAS

    It lets you use it as a media player, it's even compatible with USB DAC to integrate it with your Home Theatre. I don't about ASUSTOR, but other NAS's like some QNAP & Synology let you install Kodi and even a separate VM with your choice of OS. you can make your NAS not just as a NAS but also...
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    GIGABYTE Intros CMT403x Series M.2 PCIe Riser Cards

    This will require a PLX switch, a very expensive piece of tech. the maker of these switches increased the price because most of it's usage is in the server market. so consumer products suffers now. But it seems this opened the way for other makers to start making consumer friendly switches...
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    Acer Announces 49", 55" Gaming Monitors - 4K, HDR, IPS

    We definitely need DP 1.5/2.0 or whatever & HDMI 2.1 to come sooner than later, 4K + HDR at high refresh rate (120Hz+) can't be done with current standards. Damn even Ultrawide 1440p with HDR can't make it to 144Hz duo to current limited standards.
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    NVIDIA's Next-Gen Graphics Cards to Launch in Q3 2018, Breadcrumb Trail Indicates

    The main issue is with price, as the rumour indicates the NV will rise the prices even in the same segment, ie next gen 1170/2070 will cost more than 1070 at launch, same goes for 1180/2080 compared to 1080. If AMD will really not have any competition for these then NV will feel free to really...
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    Intel Core i7-8086K Listed, First 5.00 GHz Processor

    They meant to reach 5.0 Out of the Box without overclocking, so yeah the FX 9590 is the first, not this not released yet CPU.
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    Intel Pentium Silver J5005 Catches Up With Legendary Core 2 Quad Q6600

    So Finally we can say that J5005 can play Crysis.. this time for real.
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    ASUS Announces New ZenBook Pro 15 (UX550G)

    XPS 15 can have 32GB
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    Cadence and Micron Demo DDR5-4400 Memory Module

    AM4 was launched at 2017 with a promise to be supported till 2020, if you took attention to your Math classes then 2020-2017 = 3 years, If you bought a motherboard in 2017 then you will still be able to upgrade the CPU in 2018, 2019 without the need to upgrade the motherboard, only a BIOS update...
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    In Win Introduces Its A1 Series of Mini-ITX Enclosures

    Liter is a volume unit not a weight which equals to 1000cm^3, but it happens that 1 Liter of water equals to 1KG coz water density is 1 gram per 1cm^3. but other liquids have different density, for example 1 liter of Mercury will weight 13.5KG. Having a case with 20L volume means it's WxDxH...
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    Toshiba Also Announces the P300, L200, X300, and N300 Hard Drive Series

    Everyone are releasing new HDD's but prices have been stable for a while now, specially 6 & 8TB drives
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    BenQ Launches the EX3203R Monitor: 31.5", 2560 x 1440, 144 Hz, FreeSync 2, 1800R Curvature

    I'll wait for 34/35 Ultrawide 1440p minimum, HDR, FS2 with 120Hz minimum top range, IPS, 90%+ AdobeRGB + DCI-P3, HDR10 (600nits) minimum with DolbyVision 1000nits better.. and cost is less than $1000.. I think we will wait for 2 years for these things to come...
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    Intel's Core i7-8700K Generational Successor Could be 8-core

    Cool, something they should have done long time ago, and now you need another chipset and motherboard for the new CPU, When the last time that was needed ? oh yeah with the 8th gen CPU's...