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    Intel "Raptor Lake" Core i9 Sample Powers Up, 8P+16E Configuration Confirmed

    Hardware Unboxed don't do test battery life, their goal is to test performance. If you watch Jarrod's videos you will see that AMD dominates battery life.
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    Intel's Arc A380 Performs Even Worse With an AMD CPU

    Let's hope so, but we can only wait and see. But I beg to differ regarding consoles, nVidia failed with both Microsoft and Sony, plus ATI had more experience. I would rather put because they failed in this market they were forced out and concentrated on other things. For Intel I can agree, the...
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    Intel "Raptor Lake" Core i9 Sample Powers Up, 8P+16E Configuration Confirmed

    I'm perplexed by those e-cores, what do they do exactly? Alder Lake parts are very fast but pathetic when it comes to efficiency, in laptops they are way worse in battery life. Seems to me thru lost the core count battle so they just throw those useless e-core and give lots of power to the p-cores.
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    Intel's Arc A380 Performs Even Worse With an AMD CPU

    Indeed we will see, but with the amount of used GPUs, I'm confident the prices will go down. Money was an issue, it seems they focused on hardware where they were competitive and at times superior, and that what kept AMD floating. As for consoles, nVidia and Intel both failed to capitalise on...
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    Intel's Arc A380 Performs Even Worse With an AMD CPU

    I find two issues with this, first GPUs are coming down in price, by the launch of the new gen we could expect them fall further. Then the drivers, when AMD bought ATI they got the best guys out there (along nVidia's) what does Intel have? Finally, nVidia is already bribing the market...
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    Intel's Arc A380 Performs Even Worse With an AMD CPU

    The thing is nVidia and AMD are preparing their next gen GPUs, yet Intel is struggling to keep up with the worst they have to offer, I don't think they can price their GPUs low enough to competitive. Then the drivers, even AMD with the best people out there (ATI) struggled (no money), how the...
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    AMD Releases FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 Source Code Through GPUOpen

    That's some good news, hopefully the end of DLSS or it being open.
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    Intel Arc A380 Desktop GPU Does Worse in Actual Gaming than Synthetic Benchmarks

    Synthetic benchmark are just to check the stability of hardware, using it for comparing performance is useless.
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    AMD Reportedly Preparing Next Generation Steam Deck Processor

    I think it makes total sense, just like laptops a new SteamDeck would cost the same with better hardware.
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    Supply Cut of Noble Gases from Russia Could Hit Chip Production

    Politicians are so dumb, we should get rid of them and their small dick complex.
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    COLORFUL Introduces G-ONE PLUS All-in-One Gaming PC

    Why some manufacturers offer up to i9 but you are stuck with the hopelessly useless 3060 mobile (the price it is).
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    AMD Significantly Improves OpenGL Performance in Windows with Upcoming 22H2 Driver

    Seems they finally managed to have enough money to spend on drivers. Hopefully this means their cards perform well at launch and gives us even more competition.
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    Since when became 60fps gaming a must

    Frankly I don't think real gamers care about this arbitrary number. It is just some reviewers who obsess about this number for no logical reason, I think we should just look at their benchmark, their opinions as just as valuable as any other gamer, they have their biases, 60fps is just one of...
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    AMD Plans Late-October or Early-November Debut of RDNA3 with Radeon RX 7000 Series

    They had similar raster performance to Ampere would be surprised if they don't mange to do the same with RDNA 3. Ray tracing is rubbish, no GPU is capable to run it, the only point I see in ray tracing is when used by developers to help create fake lightning otherwise use the GPU performance to...
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    AMD RDNA3 Offers Over 50% Perf/Watt Uplift Akin to RDNA2 vs. RDNA; RDNA4 Announced

    nVidia's comparison are awfully misleading with no context, massive RT improvement from our unnecessary tensor cores: Pascal: 2 FPS Turing: 10 FPS Ampere : 15 FPS But the worst part is those so called reviewers accepting and even praising nVidia.