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    NVIDIA's Next Flagship Graphics Cards will be the GeForce X80 Series

    just be smart and never read anything from them.. they lie all the time and it starts crap a lot worse than this.
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    about this pc build already have.

    1080p is fine.. just dont be thinking you can jump on the 4k or 2k band wagon with that gpu.
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    NVIDIA's Next Flagship Graphics Cards will be the GeForce X80 Series

    ya know the other day I held a galaxy s4 and s6 next to each other and took some pics.. even at such a small screen size the winner was clear.
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    Black Desert Online

    I have wanted to play it for years.. seems like the next big mmo for people that like the style of combat. cant say I couldnt see it coming.. just the youtube beta vids are enough to get people ready to war lol
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    NVIDIA's Next Flagship Graphics Cards will be the GeForce X80 Series

    I feel the same.. when I play a lot games now. zzz... I get the people that like consoles for the two player and having fun with friends. some would say that dreamers live another reality when they sleep because how long they spend doing so. If I have multiple realities to live I dont want one...
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    NVIDIA's Next Flagship Graphics Cards will be the GeForce X80 Series

    pretty speculative on vram amounts too seeing the difference that dx12 can make in a actual game. lower system latency means faster rendering..
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    Overclocking fx 8350

    its all right here for you now.. you can turn off qnc and c6 for higher oc's but why not turn them back on? i would say there is a certain stability that your at a lose if you cant turn them back on. i know people that have to touch every single thing in the bios like the engineers left them a...
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    Overclocking fx 8350

    that is really friendly to mother earth to be telling everyone to turn off QnC.. you clearly need to question what you think you know and leave it up to @cdawall and others with more experience. this is why we need a new guide from amd.. this might have been someone from amd.. microsoft...
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    Overclocking fx 8350

    @Martinez87 your fsb!!! http://www.amd.com/Documents/AMD_FX_Performance_Tuning_Guide.pdf you got a rockn mobo so you can change the fsb but it would make more sense with your ram set at 1600mhz with a fsb of like 230-233 amd does not set throttle temps on mobo's.. it is the manufacturers that...
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    Overclocking fx 8350

    i see more.. we dont have the whole picture. the fsb is being changed.
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    AMD GPUOpen Fuels Seismic Supercomputing Efforts for Geoscience Leader CGG

    hahaha cuda conversion.. async compute and direct compute has amd and microsoft written allover it. cuda is a proprietary nonsense that should not be. your living in some dream world where nv actually does something not to roll in cash and hurt the windows ecosystem.
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    AMD "Zen" Processors to Feature SMT, Support up to 8 DDR4 Memory Channels

    idk what you guys are going on here but zen wont be faster per core but it will probably be better at multithreading and the lack of l3 means nothing at all with the arch
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    Samsung Electronics Unveils Three New 1,800R Curvature Displays

    so cool :D we could take out 3 so we dont have to crawl under tables to get into the masters arena
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    Back to 4k gaming

    ya.. i didnt know what to say at the time to be honest :rolleyes: he needs a vacation