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  • Hi, I am in urgent need for xfx 6950 1gb
    695X-ZNFC-A3 bios *.rom, any help would be appreciated.
    Hi, I have a RX 570 RS 8 gb XXX, had some issues with thermal pads and need to change, wich thickness are the thermal pads?
    I have other especifications about the thermal pads I would like, like thermal condutivite.
    xfx 5700 xt raw ii got used
    xfx - no rma without receipt
    pc would freeze over 110C. made video + sent to xfx support.
    they sent me fan assy + paste did not fix problem
    cant boot to bios if graphics set to auto/peg with gpu installed and is cold
    if bios set to igfx then it will boot into bios and is hot and i can see gpu in bios
    can boot to dos and write/save bios
    wont boot after post, freeze, fans no spin + gets hot
    I accidentally lost the original vbios for my XFX Radeon RX 570 8GB 1328M. I was only able to find one copy online of that speed and it gave me error 43 in device manager. Would you happen to have that vBios?
    Tried to open a ticket about this with XFX support, but a ticket from last year is still open, so the system won't let me open another.
    My XFX Radeon RX 570 apparently causes reboots in Fallout 4, Elite Dangerous. Occurs at temperatures <50°C. Seems to often occur on scene transitions, such as entering a menu. Should run normally under load at 70-80°C.
    Haven't received any acknowledgment of my messages, either.
    Hello. Please send original gaming bios from XFX RX-570P8D VK.0 RS XXX ED RX 570 8Gb 1286M D5 3x DP HDMI. Memory Samsung k4g80325fc-hc25
    Or give a link where you can download it. Thanks you
    I have question,I have xfx rx5700 ultra dd, I forgot my auto mode temps,but my junction temp (in automatic vents mode) was 95c.. Since I played with fan curve my working temp under 99% load are 74c max, and junction temps are 85c..
    I didnt mess with removing anything from card..
    Should I try to remove back in late,or this temps are fine???
    my gpu was bought in germany for black friday
    Hey is XFX getting out of the power supply business? I'm not seeing them listed anymore in some places and not in stock in others
    HI im using a xfx r9 280x and i have flickering/crashing issues on newest drivers, could you send me a new bios, my serial is Q5H038845 and my email is cyprusjacks@gmail.com
    use xfxsupport.com. The bios update wont address this serial #, this is something else. probably driver related or a cable failure
    Hello, i have a bricked XFX R7 250E graphics card the issue im having is that none of the bio listed on the site work for the card ive tried all of them and installing the drivers in windows but i keep getting
    Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
    Core Radeon R7 250 800m 1gb D5 DP HDMI DVI
    Hello. I just bought last version of xfx xts 1000w- black -edition. I heard this is based on seasnoic's X-series 1000w platinum.

    So, I just wonder, would the cables interchangeable? . I'm desperate to use 'white' cables for my new rig..
    maybe, but i cant confirm it. i would think so.
    thank you very much.

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...hmmmmmmmmmm
    Could you help me out with an issue with my R9 290?
    It was working fine for 11 months, but it just stopped working. The computer was sleeping, I woke it up and no signal whatsoever - still works with old card.
    I tried registering the card last year and again when it stopped working, but it still says the serial number doesn't exist.
    I emailed the helpdesk about that a couple days ago, but still haven't heard back.
    I'm trying to register with XFX website, I have an X58i motherboard, but I need a bios update to support UEFI so I can use my new video card. I can't find the serial number on the board, and I'm not sure what to do from here.

    Unfortunately the x58 doesnt have a UEFI bios, nor bios update to support UEFI. It should be compatible with all modern UEFI enabled hardware. What kinds of issues are you having? please PM me instead of writing on my wall =)
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