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    New pc for work Budget 5000 eur.

    YES sorry, we are in TB era. simply wrong letters :) i meant Terabytes of course
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    New pc for work Budget 5000 eur.

    Thx to all the answers. I will let you know the progress on this. Some answers: Program: Mostly Adobe premier pro. Editing + rendering. OC: It will be overclocked up to 4,5 Ghz maybe. Budget is from EU (Euro Union) so 5k is not his personal money, so the best possible build. Build for work...
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    New pc for work Budget 5000 eur.

    Hello, video rendering and similar, money 5k eur friend asked for advice, so far: CPU: Intel Core Extreme i9-7980XE, Octodeca Core, 2.60GHz, 24.75MB, LGA2066, 14nm,BOX MB: ASUS PRIME X299-A, X299, LGA 2066, 8 x DIMM DDR4, USB 3.1 RAM: ADATA XPG Dazzle DDR4 2x16GB 3000MHz, CL16 Cooler: Noctua...
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    RX580 & Freesync vs 1060/70 & nosync

    lol what an answer:) but there is a lot of sense to this :)
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    Anti-aliasing not working for any game on my PC

    as some you have mentioned: clear text, magnifier, different resolution than native could have an effect. maybe some how you are running on unified windows driver instead of proper nvidia or amd.
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    Do you remember your most disappointing video card ever?

    biggest dissapointment for me are to these days all the rebranding of older generation. all that marketing bs and confusion to the customers. either you release new card and name it accordingly. i remembet 8800gtx price was halved with 8800gt 512MB and performance was almost similar. Now thats a...
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    Most hours played in a game!

    ~4000-5000 hours in heroes 3. I dont know exactly. hundrets of maps, 3 years single player, several years online. ( 1 game online can take up to 15hours) its from release 1999, and i played like 18 hours a day back then. funny thing is a had up to 500-700 games online, i know a guy married 2...
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    How much space you need for all your Steam games?

    No steam 0 items valued at 0$ :D zero hours wasted :D but....i played Heroes of might and magic 3 since 1999 thousands of hours. And if that's not enough still watching streams of it.
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    Gigabyte adding dual audio chips on it's AM4 Aorus boards

    i would think 2 ppl could use it at the same time, for example 1 listening music 2 playing or watching movie. many programs give a possibility to select audio device
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    Pokemon Go

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    AMD Radeon RX 480 8 GB

    for me it looks like new 8800GT which was almost 8800gtx level for half the price. I see similar here 480x vs 980. price / performance. cheaper almost 2 times(or even more). and price/performance ratio shows exactly that.
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    Post your Hardware's manufacturer preference.

    RAM: Kingston, MB: MSI CPU: Intel GPU: MSI Cooler: Cooler Master Evo 212 PSU: Seasonic, Evga SSD: Intel/Kingston HDD: Western Digital/Samsung Case: extraordinary cheap but good Keyboard: Any Mouse: Any BIG Monitor/TV: LG or Samsung
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    $8000 4K Rendering And High End Gaming PC

    exactly what i wanted to add. well said.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Goes On Sale

    i would say not too comparable : yours is ~5,5k 72in list mine is 40 in list almost 8,8k in futuremark :). But yeah games get playable without AA
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Goes On Sale

    I'm not into 1070 or new gpu, i just bought 950 gtx last week for 120 Eur and I'm very very happy with it :) turned off AA in all games have no problems on very high to ultra settings :)