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    [US] [Amzn][Mouse] SteelSeries Rival 3 $21 / Rival 5 $31

    My old DeathAdder 2013 is going out on me, so I started looking for a replacement. My Rival 310 at work has been good to me, so I started looking for something similar. I found the Rival 3 and Rival 5 on sale on Amazon with Prime shipping. All links are Amazon Smile links, view info about Amazon...
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    EVGA PowerLink $3.99 @ Woot

    $15 MSRP, down to $3.99. Free shipping for Amazon Prime members. https://computers.woot.com/offers/evga-powerlink
  3. xvi

    WD Black SN770 1 TB

    Oh yeah, definitely familiar with the different M.2 sizes. My immediate thought was "Why don't they offer this in a 2230?" Heat would definitely be a consideration though, yeah.
  4. xvi

    WD Black SN770 1 TB

    I ended up picking up a 2TB model. What really surprised me is considering this is the largest size they offer, it feels incredibly basic in the hand. I think the sticker really makes you feel like more is going on, so I've edited this photo from W1z's review to illustrate my point. Holding it...
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    WD Black SN770 1 TB

    Can't tell if this is sarcasm or not? Seems like I keep hearing everyone frothing at the mouth for the SN850 w/heatsink for their PS5s. I've been having trouble finding any references to whether or not it's useful at all in a desktop environment.
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    WD Black SN770 1 TB

    Been looking for a nice 2TB nvme drive to upgrade the ol' desktop and am surprised at the pricing for top end 980 Pro and SN850 (huge premium for the heatsink version of the 850). Maybe the solution is grab a 770 and just upgrade down the line a little sooner than originally expected? Thanks...
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    QNAP Launches Five-Speed Dual-Port 10 GbE Network Card

    Referring to the X540 cards? Those are PCIe 2.0 and discontinued. It's price competitive with the X550 which more closely matches the specs.
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    Thanks, Viper!

    Thanks, Viper!
  9. xvi

    SanDisk Extreme Pro 256GB USB Flash Drive (lack of) Performance

    Slow for sure but that's great to hear that it worked! Thanks for letting me know!
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    Nicehash Ad on TPU main site

    That ad was certainly jarring and while it's certainly not easy on the eyes, I think it could have been substantially worse. Many large sites run far more intrusive ads. Passionate disagreements aside, I think we, the TPU community, have three options. Direct support (which I prefer), ads of...
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    Rockstar resets 'apartment garage glitch' cheaters' GTA V accounts

    At least with my friends, we would get maybe halfway through a mission before my friends would start turning on each other. Saw it mentioned before and I didn't think about it until now, FiveM actually was usually more fun.
  12. xvi

    Rockstar resets 'apartment garage glitch' cheaters' GTA V accounts

    Like I need more people harassing me with Oppressor MK2s. Good riddance.
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    pc restarting on its own

    If you suspect an issue with memory, try running Memtest.
  14. xvi

    2 diffrent ram speeds?

    I didn't see it explicitly mentioned, but if you have two different sticks, your board will match settings of the slower stick. You could "overclock just one" by manually changing your speed and timings to match what the faster stick is rated for. A thousand times this. Friends don't let...
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    Epic Games Store Gives Away Civilization VI

    Since it doesn't appear to be in the article, here's a link to Civilization VI on the Epic Games Store where you can actually get it.