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    MAINGEAR Launches ELEMENT Gaming Notebook: 9th Gen Intel, NVIDIA RTX

    The Gigabyte aero 15 is not even gaudy
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    Install from USB

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    Install from USB

    You dont need to use any 3rd party software for Windows 10, just use the Windows 10 Media creation tool on Microsoft website. Dont make it harder than it is.
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    BIOSTAR Launches the New X470MH Motherboard

    I would think any company would do it in order to get rid of old supplies. Chinese, American, German, or any world wide company in any field would do or does it. It might be old but still worth something.
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    BIOSTAR Launches the New X470MH Motherboard

    Maybe they had tons of extra x470 chip sets laying around and had to use them on something
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    The need to reformat after changing a GPU

    just download the Windows media creation from the Microsoft website, it downloads Win 10 to a flash drive and thats it, pick the USB option. I once had a bad USB flash drive that wouldnt install Win 10. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
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    MSI GT60 OND gpu upgrade to 980m problem, got lags in games

    I would also post on laptopreview.com forums. They deal with all kinds of laptop and gpu upgrades.
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    Is your current main PC Intel or AMD

    The only AMD processor I have ever owned was the socket 939 Athlon 64 3500+ about 14 years ago, that was also my last desktop. I have gone laptop ever since. So for me its been Intel in laptop form for 14 years. I have owned, i7 720qm upgraded to i7 920xm ES, i7 2640qm upgraded to i7 2920xm, i7...
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    Control Can Use Up to 18.5GB of Video Memory

    All we need now is a 8k 120hz monitor that doesnt cost $10k+.
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    Der8auer: Only Small Percentage of 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs Hit Their Advertised Speeds

    And here I am fine with running 3.8ghz with 8 cores on a laptop. Do people really need that extra 50mhz.
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    Homeworld 3 is announced today

    In the HW mission with the hyperspace inhibitor, I would have 20-30 salvage corvettes taking so many ion frigates. Some times the game mecahinics wouldnt let me hyperspace to the next mission, I would have over 50 of those ion frigates. My fav to steal was the multi beam frigates. I would have...
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    Homeworld 3 is announced today

    Homeworld 3 was crying out to all of those. I was thinking about this game some weeks ago, then I saw the gearbox was going to make a Homeworld announcement at PAX today.
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    Homeworld 3 is announced today

    Today is the day that Homeworld 3 was announced for a q4 2022 release. The Age of S'Jet is upon us brothers and sisters, rejoice!
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    Refurbished Hard Drives with 0 Power On Hours

    I know this sounds weird, but I have had more luck with refurb HDs than new drives. if its refurbished correctly by the HD company they can be quite good drives.