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    AMD FirePro W600 - Heatsink/Fan Replacement for Silence

    Just to close the loop here. I finally got the cooler damric recommended (this one) delivered from China and installed it. No clearance issues with any of the PCB components. At 25% you can't hear it, while the card maxes out at 51c with a 24c ambient at full load. Needless to say I am mega...
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    Mechanical keyboard?

    I am using this one and loving it.
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    REDMAGIC 7 Android Gaming Phone

    18GB of LPDDR5? What a waste of silicon.
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    Tower Shareholders Approve Intel Merger at Extraordinary General Meeting

    Everyone needs analog. Connectors/Ports, Wireless/Wired Networking PHYs, USB, Thunderbolt, various other DAC circuits. All that stuff needs various analog circuitry to work. Some of the supply chain issues in recent years revolve around analog circuits specifically. This way Intel can offer a...
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    Dell Brings Back the UltraSharp 30, Updated With Modern Connectivity

    Same here. U3011 still going strong as my main work monitor.
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    What's the primary resolution/refresh rate you're gaming at on your PC (2022)?

    2560x1080@75Hz is what I currently game on.
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    QED Launches HDMI 2.1 Cable Supporting Full 8K Video Content up to 20 Metres

    Perfectly available here, in all lengths up to 65ft: https://smile.amazon.com/Cable-FIBBR-48Gbps-Compatible-Blu-ray/dp/B09KZHL3NK The longest one is 60$.
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    I am looking for a socket 370 motherboard that supports 2gb ram

    Are you looking for a model? Or a place where to actually buy one? Here's one possible motherboard I found: https://www.gigabyte.com/Enterprise/Server-Motherboard/GA-6VTXDR-C-rev-10 But I have no idea if a server board is good for you.
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    Intel Reportedly Acquiring Tower Semiconductor for $6 Billion

    That's wafer diameter, not lithography.
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    AMD FirePro W600 - Heatsink/Fan Replacement for Silence

    I did, of course. None of the old AC GPU coolers can be found on either, or at least none that would ship here.
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    AMD FirePro W600 - Heatsink/Fan Replacement for Silence

    The CPU is an i7-8665U, so the iGPU is indeed weaker than the W600 anyway, and that's kinda off-topic to the question of silencing a video card, but because of how DisplayLink works (and how much CPU utilization is higher when it is used rather than the native iGPU output), the on-screen...
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    AMD FirePro W600 - Heatsink/Fan Replacement for Silence

    I saw that on ebay, and was skeptical, so thank you for your input, it really helps! Thank you! I tried AC - Can't find any of their old products. I would've loved the L2, it seems perfect for this, but I can't find a single seller for it. Gelid comes up empty, Zalman comes up with some really...
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    AMD FirePro W600 - Heatsink/Fan Replacement for Silence

    That could work, thanks. Not using any fan at all would be my preferred solution, however. If I can't find any silent solution at all, then using a 92mm fan tied above the HS with the original fan disconnected will likely be my go-to solution.
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    AMD FirePro W600 - Heatsink/Fan Replacement for Silence

    I have a W600 card that I picked up cheap a long time ago since it was lacking the rear bracket and its a great card for driving a lot of monitors. It was gathering dust for a while, but recently I used it to fashion myself a TB3 graphics dock for my work Lenovo X390, since I had a spare TB3 to...
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    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    I have a thing for old small form-factor systems, and I always wanted a Pico-ITX one. This one was rescued off ebay from a seller in Romania for peanuts. It stunk of cigarettes to high heaven, but is otherwise functional. It is a Via Artigo A1150, powered by a 40nm Via Eden x2 U4200 CPU with two...