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    R5 3600 All-core @4.2Ghz

    There is no straight answer for what is considered as a safe voltage for a ZEN2/3 CPU. But definitely 1.4~1.5V is NOT. Just because we see up to 1.5V during auto boost and PBO it does not mean that is ok to run it static at this voltage. The voltage regulator and in general the whole system of...
  2. Zach_01

    Cryptocoin Value and Market Trend Discussion

    I sure hope so for a new ATH, but I'm not forgetting the past also... Is this making any sense? I think even if it hits ~50k (point 4) the 20k/<20K (point 5) could still happen.
  3. Zach_01

    AMD Curve Optimizer any guides / experience

    Comparing those two I could agree, yes. 5600X(s) are also 8core parts (CCDs). Have 2 cores disabled that didn't make it. Defective from beginning or after through evaluation or just disabled because AMD wanted 6core CPUs. Actually you have to think every 8core CCD as exactly the same on the...
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    AMD Curve Optimizer any guides / experience

    :D Usually though, low segmented SKUs are getting the worst silicon. At least that was the case with R5 3600. If you think about it, there is no (reasonable) point for AMD to cherry pick silicon for the “low end” part of the whole series. If any CPU “needs” the best cores that would be the...
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    PBO2 Undervolt Help with 5800x

    Clocks were lower or higher than stock? What about PPT/TDC/EDC?
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    i7 11700KF OC - 5GHZ at 1.39V

    Is it more than 250W? Maybe 300W? 90C? Maybe 100C? Did I hit a sensitive spot or what and I was completely ignored which is fine BTW. I’m curious by nature…
  7. Zach_01

    Will Cold Room Temperature Damage Component

    If manual(s) says that electronic component(s) can work at 10°C then there is no problem of those components to work in such "cold" environment. Condensation is not a problem either because every part that gets power will be warmer than the environment. When it will be turned offstill there no...
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    i7 11700KF OC - 5GHZ at 1.39V

    I'm curious... What is the CPU power draw and temperature at these settings? A screenshot of HWiNFO64 sensor window under 100% CPU load, like the following will answer my question nicely.
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    Brazilian Police Seize $33M in Crypto Money Laundering Probe

    Banish crypto now! And also banish USD and Euro because money launderers use those too for decades now…
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    Easy question about mining and profitability.

    Mining profitability fluctuates not only from the coin price fluctuation but from the amount of shares every miner gets, the amount of all transactions, the amount of miners online, and the cost of every transaction fee. No one can predict the profitability. Every calculator is taking into...
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    AMD Curve Optimizer any guides / experience

    Indeed it is...
  12. Zach_01

    AMD Curve Optimizer any guides / experience

    Curve Optimizer is a little more complicated than just an undervolt mechanism. While negative offsets are indeed undervolt the CPU will increase speed and its PBO limits (PPT/EDC/TDC) way beyond its stock limits. This increases temp dramatically. If anyone wants to keep it as safe as possible...
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    Malaysian police flatten Bitcoin equipment

    People are very creative, especially when it comes to cover their true colors. Like covering envy behind environmental mentality. If anyone has paid for its eccentric stuff and didn’t steal it he is entitled to do anything. If it’s mining on a super car or anything else. I’m not liking it, I...
  14. Zach_01

    Hotspot temp v GPU temp

    A little late response... 5700XT user Yes its normal for GPU/HotSpot temps to have a difference even up to 30°C some times if you compare on both the max temp. I bet the average temp difference would be closer.
  15. Zach_01

    Ryzen 9 3900x Voltage and Temperature

    That video is 2 years old now and most importantly it was released the first week of ZEN2 launch. That time there was a misconception about 3000series operating parameters and conditions, BIOSs was immature and no tech background was really known about these CPUs. If you want to set your CPU...