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    How long until ethereum isn’t worth mining?

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    How many PSUs do I need to run a mining rig with 12 Radeon VII GPUs?

    You need to know at what wattage those RadeonVIIs will run under mining and properly configured (VRAM OCed and GPU underclocked and undervoltaged). Stock TDP is pretty much irrelevant as most cards when configured optimally are drawing around 60~70% of their official TBP (Total Board Power). I...
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    PC restarts once or twice before POSTing with default RAM speed and fluctuating CPU Clocks & CPU Voltages

    You need to import DRAM XMP profile for the calculator to suggest the best (in theory) settings. You can save a report of XMP with Thaiphoon Burner. Open it and click the "Report" next to "Read". Scroll all way down and click the "Show delays in clock cycles" once to turn into "Show delays in...
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    Whats the difference betwen AMD Motherboards?

    You can find some info here: https://www.google.gr/search?q&tbm=isch&ictx=1&tbs=rimg:Ccr6JOUQdt2jIgjK-iTlEHbdoyoSCcr6JOUQdt2jEcqKHaOUgyt8&hl=el&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjByantqfvvAhVL8bsIHXn8CxcQiRx6BAgAEAQ&biw=375&bih=553 Just go for B550, unless you’re willing to change the system soon. It will...
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    Which DRAM timings should I tighten at 3800Mhz?

    Having GDM Enabled with 15s is like GDM Disabled with 16s. Basically GDM does that. Its 1 "GearDown" on odd values and makes them even (+1) to help stability. Also Ryzens don't like odd values too much especially for the primary timings. You have more chances to run all 14s than having a...
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    Which DRAM timings should I tighten at 3800Mhz?

    In my case when everything its auto even when I increase DRAM multi beyond XMP profile... PDM: Disabled GDM: Enabled Cmd2T: 1T Never saw Command Rate on 2T even when I tried 3800MHz with tighter than XMP timings. Have you run any RAM benchmark before you started OCing? A lot of times just...
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    Which DRAM timings should I tighten at 3800Mhz?

    Its true about Gigabyte boards feeding a little more voltage to DRAM from what the setting is. Auto or manual. Having my XMP profile ON with auto Vdimm would not feed it with 1.35V but 1.36+V. I now have it on 1.44V and DRAM voltage fluctuates between 1.44~1.452V. Actually you can see it in...
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    Which DRAM timings should I tighten at 3800Mhz?

    I would go with this set of timings as Calculator suggests. Keep DRAM voltage 1.4V or maybe increase it to 1.45V if it’s not stable. b-dies dont care about voltage as long as you can keep it cool, around 40C ideally. SoC voltage on the other hand seems a bit high. It’s not about increased...
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    Getting slow NVME write speeds

    1. HWiNFO sensors window settings (gear icon) down left >> "Custom" tab or 2. Right click on a sensor and select "Customize values..." And you can make it like rainbow....
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    Bitcoin price suddenly surges to 3-year high

    And most big players are thinking BTC as a store of value. On the other hand PayPal that will start crypto transactions probably in 2021 will require from customer to transfer an amount of crypto into PayPal wallet. Then, on the purchase the transaction will be instant. PayPal will just hold...
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    High VRM temp makes OC unstable

    Are we talking about thermaltake or thermalgive? Depends...
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    Can't boot after tweeking cpu

    I think it should restart by itself after the process of flashing is finished (=light stop blinking) or power off. Can't remember... last time I used Flashback was like more than a year ago. But the first 6 months I had to use it a lot as no clear CMOS could do anything to bring it back from...
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    Bitcoin price suddenly surges to 3-year high

    If ETH price grows more than BTC's then yes...
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    Bitcoin price suddenly surges to 3-year high

    If one is mining and selling instantly yes its more profitable. If someone is playing the long game the current price has little to no significance.
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    Can't boot after tweeking cpu

    Was LoadLineCalibration (LLC) the only setting you changed? I really don't think so. One would change this only if OC or UC was in mind. Come on, you must never hide anything from doctor :D (I'm not the doctor, we all are together). What exactly do you mean by tweaking the CPU? Are you sure...