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    Intel Core i5-12400F

    OK, would that be a note and not a negative ;)
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    Intel Core i5-12400F

    wait a god damn minute you test the 12400F and you put as a negative that it doesn't have an iGPU :kookoo::kookoo: that's why the 12400 (non F) exists, if you need the iGPU you buy the non F version
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    Gigabyte Z590 Vision G

    I own this board - I really like it though I would loved it if it had 10gbe or 2x 2.5gbe paired with an i7 11700K @5Ghz all core - at the moment I'm not interested in testing the OC limits to note: there's a F4 BIOS (final) update for it and one thing I do not understand the reviewer saying...
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    Microsoft Account and Internet Connection Mandatory for Windows 11 Home Setup

    the writing was on the wall since recent builds of W10 Home, if you connected to the internet instead of skipping connecting you could not continue without a MS account - had to go outside the building to escape the WiFi coverage because you do not have a back button
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    Microsoft Launches Windows 11 Operating System

    you have to be really touched for you to be MS and do what you did after the aftermath of W8 did they really not learned a thing from that dumpster fire .. I'm just astonished
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    Chia Farming Already Causing SSDs to Fail at Scale, Storage Device Shortages on the Horizon

    This is incorrect as per Der8auer's recent video
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    Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPU Engineering Sample Pictured

    that's not what the average joe does - the average joes go to the AIB/manufacturer for their drivers not at the original source AMD/Intel/nVidia/Broadcom/Marvel .. etc
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    Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPU Engineering Sample Pictured

    and!? they were available on mobo's page suddenly people have instead of reaching for the mobo page went to Intel for drivers?! no! it's for clicks - this is not news I want TPU to make a pool and ask people if they reach mobo's page or Intel/AMD for drivers hell, there are lots of people who...
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    Global Chip Shortage Takes Another Toll... Now Your Home Router?

    Bad title Not my home router, because my home router, actually it's a gateway, is in my home .. working
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    Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPU Engineering Sample Pictured

    Yes they did, the drivers were available on mobo's drivers page People should stop reading the shit some YT post, and the press should verify what they write
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    Intel Core i9-11900K

    have a very big problem on how TPU, and not only, calculates perf/dolar you're comparing CPUs with iGPUs on the same level as CPUs that do not have iGPUs all the Intel K should be KF pricing as none of the Ryzen CPUs in that chart have iGPUs
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    Intel B460 and H410 Incompatibility with "Rocket Lake" Explained

    You did this to yourself as I do not recall Intel ever saying the b460 or H410 will take 11th gen
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    ASUS ROG Z590 Motherboards Include MemTest86 Utility Integrated in BIOS

    It is the UEFI version, it's less reliable as the non UEFI one because the system reserves more RAM. When I do RAM testing I fo it in CSM mode, single threaded
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    Singapore Introduces Strict Security Requirements for New Home Routers

    they're not going to pull out because there are already consumer routers that do self FW updates, and it's easy to do and if at least one producer does it will be enough to get the others into it