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  1. zo0lykas

    Aqua Computer Announces Cuplex Kryos NEXT RGBpx Water Blocks

    when i saw picture with that silver plate, i told me self, its MINEEEE !! but when i so price tag, my kidney say no no no :D
  2. zo0lykas

    Possible 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen "Matisse Refresh" XT SKU Clock Speeds Surface

    not every one is lucky! my 1800x not stable over 4.1, have it from beginning when people wait on pre-orders and paid 499 lol btw its on water block, so temps are always low
  3. zo0lykas

    EVGA DG-Black forest

    really nice, i like how you manager your cables and sure case mode, would give you 10 if not that black cables mess at top right corner ;) or zip them or make some cover to hide :) :) great setup over all !
  4. zo0lykas

    Asetek Unveils Rad Card Industry's First Slot-In PCIe Radiator Card

    People was talk the same about aio 10 years ago, waste of space not effective, expensive, water with electricity.. And bla bla bla.. Look today where is cpu colliers air cooler and aio.
  5. zo0lykas

    AMD Donates $15 Million Worth EPYC CPUs and Radeon Instinct Accelerators to aid COVID-19 Research

    nvidia already done ages ago :)) with software you can share your cpu and gpu, to help research "vaccin" from covid19 :)
  6. zo0lykas

    NVIDIA Teases Cyberpunk 2077 themed GeForce RTX Graphics Card

    no computex this year, i read somewhere they cancel it, corona virus alert
  7. zo0lykas

    G.SKILL Announces 256GB (8x 32GB) DDR4-3600 Trident-Z Neo Memory Kits

    Ddr4 you never see it. So please be patient and wait ddr5
  8. zo0lykas

    GELID Launches SubZero M.2 XL - High-Performance Cooling Kit for M.2 SSDs

    subzero on ruber :-) why you dont call it heatsink for nmve/m.2 drive or some similar ?
  9. zo0lykas


    low, very low, organize your tubes bro, looks like sausage factory
  10. zo0lykas

    NZXT Launches CAM 4.0 Software

    and still dont have full screen mode
  11. zo0lykas

    A VGA Stand with RGB LED and Power Routing, Courtesy DeepCool

    i just check amazon, black £9.99, rgb version £14.99 no so bad price
  12. zo0lykas

    Sapphire Formally Launches the Radeon RX 5700 XT NITRO+ Special Edition

    why you so negative? look from another side ! bawbag :)
  13. zo0lykas

    GIGABYTE Also Announces the GeForce RTX 2080 Super Gaming OC WaterForce WB

    YES YES YES YES thats what iam waiting for !! hope so on black friday i get deal lol :D
  14. zo0lykas

    What's the fastest storage in your PC?

    1. nvme 1tb samsung split in two partition 1.2 c:/programs/windows - 150gb 1.3 d:/games - 800gb 2. ssd 750bg 2.1 e:/ torrents/download