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    Samsung 840 Evo

    The pro is faster period, the EVO was introducted to replace the Vanilla 840, why would they make it faster then the pro if it was a substitute for that category, also the pro has Rapid Mode now thanks to an update
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    Samsung 840 Evo

    Plus the PRO is faster then the EVO
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    Samsung 840 PRO 256GB troubles?

    Make sure its connected to the Gold ports NOT the black brown ones
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    Need Graphic card and Ram under 10000 rs/-

    7770 is faster then the GTX650, for that price I would get the AMD, get 2x4GB DDR3 ram (run dual channel) THE END
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    7970 screwed up !!

    You will be fine if the card is re-flashed back to stock, I doubt the flash really had anything to do with it, I doubt it would of lasted 4 months if it was, just RMA it and play dumb, they wont check and if they do they will see the original bios is on there.
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    Need Graphic card and Ram under 10000 rs/-

    With your price range and specs there is no need to buy a 4GB card, we would really need to know what games you are intending on playing before we could suggest the right card, as for the ram get 2 sticks (4GBx2). PS fill out your system specs on your profile then there is no need for you to...
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    [FS][US] NIB Samsung 512GB 840 Pro

    Where do you live, how much will you take ??.
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    Surely overclocking isn't this easy?

    Get a better cooler if you're going to do this, you will probably find it raised the voltage also, download CPUZ and Prime95 and test, this will see if its stable and what voltage you are using. I would take it back to normal and run prime 95 and cpuz and see what voltage it is, then I would...
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    Should I RMA?

    Just pay the $125, you get it back anyway, this way you can back up all your shit and not have to worry, the extra cost is probably shipping cost, did you really think they are going to send you a brand new drive with no collateral ??,
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    Advice on a new build

    I always pay extra and get a Modular supply, it makes it easy later if you have to change or upgrade it.
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    Weird ping increase.

    Well obviously you pick Safemode with networking if the problem is in the networking section, also they thought it was a software issue (not a driver) and in this case Safemode with networking would be a valid test. I am glad you got it sorted though
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    Weird ping increase.

    Safemode ??
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    New Gaming Monitor Help! 2560x1440p

    I like Brand NAME monitors also, for something that's on all the time I would pay the extra, I think with monitors you get what you pay for.
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    2013 PC upgrades

    See if he wants yours and get the Coolermaster, I am kind of blown away at that case. You will need some exhaust fans on the roof though and get the one without the Window, the one with has no option for a side fan.
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    2013 PC upgrades

    Thermaltake V3 are really light, but you will go over your 500 with the case, mainboard and CPU. You H100 might be a tight fit though, although it should be close.
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    2013 PC upgrades

    I will make it really simple for you then, he is not getting a case, mainboard and cpu for under $500, the only case he can get is something like the Haf XB, NOTHING else will be big enough for all his stuff or will be too heavy, BTW Corsair 600T fully loaded is less then 50lb, so I don't see...
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    Gigabyte Question!

    I wouldn't read anything into it, it doesn't matter where its from, sometimes you just get a lemon, nor would I base quality of a company based on 1 bad experience, I have used Gigabyte, Asrock, Asus, Foxconn, MSI, they all have lemons at 1 time or another.
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    2013 PC upgrades

    The case you have is awesome, plus the 600T is light, you are only going to substitute quality with weight and for that the weight the 600T is awesome, awesomely built and awesomely made, The Bitfenix Prodigy is actually heavier then the 600T and the build quality isn't as good as the Corsair...
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    Graphics card issue?

    It's not a test, the red artefacts show up on the different colour backgrounds. Trust me it works.
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    Graphics card issue?

    Reseat your card and boot into Windows, go to Theme and change the theme a few times try black and other colours, if it happens here the card is stuffed, RMA it.
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    Buying a haswell 4670K

    Test it first to see how it clocks, then decide if its worth De liding, I have done it a lot at work and in my opinion the extra work for the performance gain ( and possibly destroying your CPU) isn't worth it, especially if you haven't done it before.
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    Undecided between 2 SSHDs

    Scorpion Black is faster then the Hybrid Momentus
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    It's that time again. Building a new gaming PC.

    What do you mean wrong country ?, The H80i is the best choice for the money
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    New Build Help

    We use the Vengeance, G.SKILL and the G.SKILL SNIPER at work, they are all good. Don't spend heaps on RAM, just get some 2133 or 1866 stuff.
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    Cheap Mechanical Keyboard

    K95 and K70 not fully mechanical ??, that's news to me, get the TT MEKA G1 then.