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  1. Vya Domus

    Destiny 2 is free until 18 November.

    Just letting you all know.
  2. Vya Domus

    Strange boot issue.

    Alright, this is a strange one. At every cold boot once it gets to the Asrock logo screen it just hangs there forever, can't even access the BIOS. Now if I reboot a second time everything starts up just fine, goes past the Asrock logo and all that, Windows boots up no problem. This started...
  3. Vya Domus

    SSD overheating and underperforming

    Just bough a 480GB ADATA SU650 and something doesn't seem alright with it. I wasn't expecting it to be as fast or faster than my other 850 EVO but the speeds I am getting are even below what my HDD does. Then I noticed that the temperature of the drive is really high , around 60-64c. It just...
  4. Vya Domus

    Odd GPU LED activity when playing Project Cars 2

    This is an odd one. I just picked up Project Cars 2 , the game runs great and all , really like it. But , there is one thing that I can't explain. My video cards has an ASUS logo LED on the side which remains on from the moment I start my PC until I shut it down. When I play PC2 , more...
  5. Vya Domus

    Volta might not show up anytime soon in the gaming space

    https://www.techspot.com/news/70584-nvidia-volta-gaming-gpus-not-foreseeable-future.html Looks like Jensen himself has said the following : "Volta for gaming, we haven't announced anything. And all I can say is that our pipeline is filled with some exciting new toys for the gamers, and we...
  6. Vya Domus

    Strange BSOD , possibly video driver related

    When I used to play Quantum Break , every time I would try to disable upscaling in the graphics settings I would get a BSOD with the error : system_service_exception(dxgmms2.sys) after a couple of minutes of playtime. I didn't gave it much thought since it run fine otherwise and I also knew this...