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  1. deadlyrhythm

    [FS] [CAN] WC parts, Fans, & more

    Bitspower G 1/4" Thread 1/2" Barbs - [4x90deg, 6x45deg, 6xstraight] - $50 whole lot Product Link Link Link Swiftech MCP350 with XSPC Acetal top - ']Product Link[/URL] - SOLD 3x PANAFLO / NMB-MAT 120X38MM - MODEL FBA12G12M 86.5CFM (sleeved) - SOLD Product Link (Very quiet on medium speed...
  2. deadlyrhythm

    [FS] [Canada, US] WC parts, Fans, and Others

    Everything is coming from Canada but will ship to the US. Might need to recalculate shipping however. I need to get rid of everything. Prices are negotiable. Prices include shipping unless stated otherwise. Payments with Paypal NEW! WC Stuff Bitspower G 1/4" Thread 1/2" Barbs - [4x90deg...
  3. deadlyrhythm

    [FS] WC , Fans

    Prices include shipping unless stated otherwise. WC Stuff Black Ice 360 - $50 Product Link Bitspower G 1/4" Thread 1/2" Barbs - [4*90deg, 6*45deg, 6*straight] - $80 Product Link Link Link EK Dual Bay SPIN Reservoir w/ Flow Meter - Acetal Black - $40 Product Link EK...
  4. deadlyrhythm

    MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II compatabiltiy issues with EK WB on EVGA x58 Classfied Sl

    Just bought a really nice MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II and there is a compatibility issue with the EK motherboard waterblock on my EVGA x58 Classified sli motherboard. Basically the VR heatsinks on the 560ti hang slightly over the edge of the card as it is sort of a clip. see pic bellow...
  5. deadlyrhythm

    [FS] UPDATED! - h20 pumps, h20 parts, Rads, PC Part Out! Added more Stuff

    UPDATED - I'm slowly parting out my PC. Starting with the video card and loop.0 All my prices include shipping to Canada. US Add 5$. SOLD: UPDATED - Bitspower fittings. 7x straight. 2$ each 5x 45deg . 6$ each 3x 90deg. 6$ each Standard G 1/4" thread. ALL SOLD EK 150 Res (150ml) ...
  6. deadlyrhythm

    [FS] HIS 4870x2 + DD WB + MCP355 + fans + Rad

    I can't believe I'm actually selling this. It still runs all my games maxed out. But unfortunately I have no time for those now so it must go. Along with it I'm selling my loop for it. Selling my HIS 4870x2 1gb which comes with the stock fan and heat sink. Asking $130. With Danger Den...
  7. deadlyrhythm

    [WTB] Android 1Ghz phone

    Just looking for a semi decent android phone running at 1Ghz. Need something to last a year and for it to be decent shape. Anyone..?
  8. deadlyrhythm

    [FS] [CAN+US] lg dvd writer sata, UV Red Anti-Kink coils, Red & Black 3/4"OD hose clamps

    Just a few odds and ends that i want to get rid of. Maybe someone could use it. Located in Canada, SO CANADIANS = Cheaper Shipping. Will ship to US, its not that much more $$ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lg GH22NS50 Black 22X Sata Dvd Writer Oem...
  9. deadlyrhythm

    not so good water cooling temps -i7 920

    Fans are at 75% and the pc is on idle. 40 deg for the CPU, NB & Mosfets? Should my temps be better? The only thing i cant think of is to much thermal compound perhaps? here is a screen bellow
  10. deadlyrhythm

    no water flow from loop!?

    i don't whats going but my loop with the cpu and motherboard has no flow. the loop goes like this: res + pump + mobo + cpu + rad + back to res now just to be sure the flow direction comes out of top of the pump right...? anyway there's no flow. the EK spin bay res spinner doesn't...
  11. deadlyrhythm

    Particles in water = BAD??? -> plz input!

    Some concern over little particles in the water and can be easily seen in the res. Have a look, is this bad? Should i drain and it and start over?
  12. deadlyrhythm

    Heatkiller 3.0 LT Leaking~!!!!! pls help!

    OK to my disappointment this thing is leaking! the leak is occurring from the bottom left and right sides of the accetal and mounting plate. The pics will explain where the leak is coming from. I don't know what to do. This is my first build with water and I bought the HK from someone on...
  13. deadlyrhythm

    [FS] EK 4 Port RES 250ml & Lg 22x SATA DvD Writer Oem (Re-Post)

    EK-MultiOption 4 Port RES 250 Rev. 2 Liquid Cooling Reservoir SOLD! my first post got deleted, i guess i forgot to put a pic with name in it. I hope that was the problem. lets try this again, LOCATED IN CANADA Res is bought from someone else who used it but I personally haven't. It...
  14. deadlyrhythm

    Substitute for PT Nuke??? {look here}

    anyone know if this would . is , or has been a good substitute for PT Nuke -PHN ?? Red Line Wetter Water ive got on person confirming using it for 4years now with no problems. PT Nuke is either sold out or unavailable to be sold to Canada :(
  15. deadlyrhythm

    [Project] ...i guess ill it F$ck

    [Project] ...i guess i'll call it F#ck -H20 -> [HAF932, i7 920, 4870x2, EVGA Classif alright, this is my first liquid build, second build ever. taking a big step into the water world and no fucking around will be seen. so without further a due , i have a HAF 932 that i am currently...
  16. deadlyrhythm

    [WTB] AM2+ or AM2+/AM3 MOBO

    Motherboard died and need a new AM2+ board or one thats AM2+/AM3 fora bit of futureproofness.:D anywho, anyone know???? cheers!:rockout:
  17. deadlyrhythm

    yet another WaterLoop Opinions NEEDED!

    hey everyone, trying to figure out which is my best solution for my hardware and case. i'm trying to figure out how to make this all fit. 2x loops in a HAF 932 case hardware to be cooled: ------------------------ EVGA classified full water block (NB,SB,MOSFETS) i7 920 4870x2...
  18. deadlyrhythm

    [WTB] EVGA Classified Mobo Water Block

    if anyone knows anyone selling or is selling and EVGA x58 Classified full Water Block, please let me know!! these guys aren't cheap and i'm looking for a used one. CHEERS!
  19. deadlyrhythm

    Water Loop, Opinion Needed!

    So I'm planning this water cooled build. for quite some time now and just to need to really make sure everything is going to go smoothly as this is my first liquid and i7 /x58/ddr3 setup. So my computer parts are: -i7 920 hopefully at 4ghz + :p -ATI Radeon 5870 -Foxconn Bloodrage MOBO or...
  20. deadlyrhythm

    How much is my PC worth, parted/whole

    Just trying to get an idea how much this baby is worth. Getting ready for a new big liquid system so this will be needing to go soon. Its not that old and pretty damn decent parts, the only thing i would keep is the HDD's and my monitor obviously the Q9550 is EO stepping what do you think>...
  21. deadlyrhythm

    New to water cooling, New build info needed

    So this is going to be my first build in the water cooling domain. Iam going to for a mid to high end setup.(probably closer to the high end side) Anyways I have done a readings and research and have come down to this for a shopping list for the water cooling parts: My Rig components will...
  22. deadlyrhythm

    [Case Gallery] Deacent Death in a Can

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Thermaltake Armor VH8000BWS, Q9950 @3.8Ghz, Gigabyte x48-ds5, Corsair XMS2 2x2Gb 5-5-5-15, 2x Western Digital Caviar Black 1Tb HDD, Liteon DVD-RW, Zalman CNPS9700 (Nirvana) ABS Tagan BZ 700w last but not least a pair of of Saphire 4850's in...