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  1. shk021051

    Default Gateway is locked

    2 month ago i hadn't this issue and every time i rebooted my modem it gave me new ip (to find a good ping) but now when i reboot my modem default gateway ip doesn't change and it is lock on a specified ip (that always has bad ping:mad:) i know it's weird.... and i have no choice(one isp in my...
  2. shk021051


    Can you tell me different between these cards ?is the gap huge? thanks
  3. shk021051

    Tpu not support tapatalk

    I trying to find TPU on tapatalk app but looks like it's not there while almost all forums are I think techpowerup should be activate tapatalk on forum :d www.tapatalk.com/
  4. shk021051

    HD 4850 2 red lights problem

    I got issue with vga (2 red leds stay on after turn on the pc) im not sure it's a vga issue. i don't have any idea! yesterday my pc works fine and i had not any problem but when pc get suddenly shutdown after home electricity cut off then today when i coming to turn on the pc i had no boot...
  5. shk021051

    ATI VPU recovery problem

    I have ATI VPU recovery problem. sometime my monitor freeze for few sec and recovery again and show message on right taskbar that ATI VPU recovery.... what is problem??:banghead: plz help :respect::respect: thanks
  6. shk021051

    E3 2011 Thread

    E3 2011 Microsoft Press Conference Games expected that show in conference : 1-Gears of War 3:rockout: 2-Forza Motorsport 4 3-Modern Warfare 3 4-Halo(new or remake) 5-Alan Wake 6-Codename Kingdoms 7-Splinter Cell 8-Rocksmith Kotaku rumor list: Forza 4 Star Wars Kinect Gears of War 3 A Halo...
  7. shk021051

    vga problem

    when i turn on computer and windows is loading my system freeze while i have vertical lines on my screen. but when I'll be on safe mode or disable vga display(normal) on device manager windows run but i have bad resolution and color quality .why?:cry: Also i had hd 4850 with this problem then...
  8. shk021051

    E3 2010: The Big Games List

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 as the cool kids call it) is just around the corner. Things unofficially kick off June 13 with an evening event from Microsoft, where Project Natal games will be unveiled. Then Monday's press conferences kick off, beginning with Microsoft's at 10 a.m...
  9. shk021051

    No LAN or Dedicated Server support for C&C4: Tiberian Twilight

    It’s been revealed that Command & Conquer 4 will not support LAN or Dedicated Servers when it is released on PC next month. Apparently, Tiberian Twilight will not make use of such things because of the global player progression system, said lead designer Sam Bass. “[The system] has...
  10. shk021051

    ME2 AA Bad

    i have problem with mass effect 2 anti aliasing anti aliasing is very bad in configure aa is 16x but in game...:confused::confused::confused: vga:ati 4850
  11. shk021051

    what is an 09 file?

    what is an 09 file? how to play this file? i think it is video file :toast:
  12. shk021051

    Win 7 driver

    I want driver for chipset my motherboard 790X/SB600
  13. shk021051

    ipod toch or zune hd ?

    Which is Better??
  14. shk021051

    Blue screen in COD4

    Blue screen in COD4 but in windows no problem why?? please help:cry::cry:
  15. shk021051

    Sound Hard Disks

    I have a hard 320 sata and no any problem but when I added my hard 500 every 30 minutes I heard the sound is a short case please help:confused: sorry for my english
  16. shk021051

    Is windows 7 7600 rtm final?

    Is windows 7 7600 rtm final? I mean is that the version by microsoft that will be released on DVD?
  17. shk021051

    i want setup modem adsl please help

    I want setup and config modem adsl please help What I do for the ip for Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server??? please help
  18. shk021051

    my 4850 is very hot

    my 4850 is very hot in game 90 degree:banghead: fan speed =55% manual please help
  19. shk021051

    i have bad performence in coj2

    i have bad performence in Call Of Juarez :Bound In Blood :banghead::banghead: why??:banghead:
  20. shk021051

    best filter break?

    i want a best filter break please help
  21. shk021051

    Help for buy fan!

    i want to buy fan for hd4850 what is better??
  22. shk021051

    Res Evil 5, Bionic Commando confirmed for PC, SFIV for July in the West

    Capcom confirmed both Resident Evil 5 and Bionic Commando for PC today, putting to bed months of speculation. Bionic Commando will launch in July, while Resident Evil 5 is to arrive “later in the year”. Street Fighter IV has now been confirmed for a July release on PC in Europe. Press...
  23. shk021051

    cross fire

    i can cross fire for HD4850 and 4770??:confused:
  24. shk021051

    what time release catalyst 9.5??

    what time release catalyst 9.5??:rockout: f**k ati:D