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    xiaomi mi 8 camera

    hello friends. recently i bought the phone in the title, which is china version flash to global version. however, using the apps phone check and phone tester i see that the front camera is only 5 mp from 20 mp in the phone specs. is it possible that they replaced the front camera with an...
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    g1 gaming 1070 lag spikes PLZ HELP

    hey guys I got this problem with the 1070! I get really bad fps on pretty much every game. e.g in need for speed I should have 90 fps but it stays around 60-70 let alone the hangs to 15 for couple of seconds. I tried everything I found on the internet like: reinstalling correctly the drivers...
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    hdmi to dvi adapter no signal! plz help!!

    i have a monitor and a tv trying to connect them to my pc. both of them have hdmi cables, so i bought an hdmi to dvi adapter. even though the pc finds both monitors the dvi connection has no signal. is there a setting or something? p.s. i tried restarting my pc tried only the monitor with dvi...
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    Dual monitor setup for gaming and video?! Is it possible?

    hey guys i just bought a tv and connected it to my pc. so i want to play full screen game on my pc monitor while playing a video on the tv. the problem is that when i put full screen video on tv and open the game the video goes black(on the tv). i have my monitor with dvi and the tv with hdmi. i...
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    so what did amd anounced at the "no pills required" event?

    I've been looking through out the internet and all i could find was something in India about the firepro and the 285. that's it no 390x?
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    laptop is slow after format.

    hey guys, i recently formated my laptop (asus k55dr {a8}) cause it was really slow. now it seems to go faster than before but still laggy at many places. got the latest drivers 14.4. the cpu is working at 4% so it is not a cpu overload or something. my guess was the hard drive. is there any way...
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    when upgraging cpu...????

    hello today i'm going to upgrade my cpu to the fx-8350. my question is, should i format my hard drive? is it necessary? thanks
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    need advice, comments for my near future upgrade

    hello coMMUnity, :) i am thinking to upgade my mobo to the 990fx killer by asrock and my cpu to fx-6300 my thoughts on these are: well as for the mobo i have a piece of junk (from when i bought my pc as a whole back in 2009). so i was thinking for the killer since its new am3+, has awesome...
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    Upgrading my pc, looking for advice on my PSU.

    hello my current rig is: mobo: m4a78lt le cpu: phenom II x4 965 gpu: r9 270x psu: ocz zs 550w hdd: wd 500gb ssd: adata 64gb 2x 120mm & 1x 140mm case fans i'm going to put all these in a zalman z11 case and add a corsair hydro h55. my question is: does my psu have enough power for this? thank...