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    Asetek Unveils the 690LX-PN AIO Cooler for Intel Xeon W-3175X at $399

    Probably wont, however the patent only affects designs that put the pump in the same house as the cold plate - you could argue that both in case of visual design and thermal ditto, its the wrong place. I would 10x rather have a clean area around the cpu socket with just the coldplate and have...
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    ASUS Clears the Air on Missing Fan Connect Case-Fan Headers on GeForce RTX 2080 Ti STRIX

    nope, syncing a case fan with the gpu fans makes a lot of sense. for example one front intale front fan and one intale bottom or one intake and one output fan synced with the GPU header. Due to fan-stop technology neither will run of the gpu is idle ensuring you can run your more silently if ie...
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    Good 280mm radiator AiO?

    i would opt for the H115i instead - no cam software and based on the same asetek product.
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    Intel Confirms Soldered IHS for 9th Gen Core Series

    Im sorry but... Intel confirms... would suggest that these are official slides from intel - they are not. There is no need to sensationalize the topics TPU. If i wanted that i could just go directly to videocardz. "Leaked slides from Intel confirms soldered TIM on 9th gen unlocked...
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    ASUS Intros ROG Aura Terminal

    Ease of use - its that simple
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    BIOSTAR Announces iMiner Series Turnkey Mining Solutions

    Why would they? notice the 3x 120mm high performance fans right infront of the cards? This machine is ment to be run in a rack with absolutely no regard to noise, so they are probably several thousand RPM beasts
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    Corsair Developing Gaming Monitors

    rgb monitor actually makes sense since it allows you to select your own ambient light - but it should obviously only be on the back and quite bright
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    Corsair Developing Gaming Monitors

    well that is both good and bad. If they get a good OEM, then its good. Because they will be able to integrate lighting (mark my words it will have RGB on the back) with other corsair products - which is also good. They all use panels from samsung or AU anyways so who cares about that part. But...
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    NVIDIA Turing GPU to Start Mass Production in Q3 2018

    uhm - no, the point of this most likely to use dies that have failed the first QA as fullblown gaming cards but will work just fine as minig cards at lower frequencies. simple PCBs and no licensing for output modules probably mean they can keep a hefty margin of income on the dedicated cards...
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    EVGA Intros CLC 120 CL11 Liquid CPU Cooler

    yet another G4/5 asetek unit instead of the new and improved G6. Wonder if corsair has exclusive G6 access for some period of time.
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    Ducky Teases 'Blade Air' Keyboard with Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Switches

    a dedicated calculator button is kinda silly though, extremely narrow market.
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    EK Water Blocks Announces Availability of the EK-MLC Phoenix

    I think you completely miss the point of this product. This is not intended for people that are able to build a custom loop. Its intended for those that want and have the money for a custom loop, but dont have the skills or courage to built it themselves. Quick connects and a prefilled loop...
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    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 385.41 Game Ready WHQL Drivers

    its the new shadowplay highlights feature. with it enabled it will create screenshots etc for you "automatically"
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    AMD On RX Vega Pricing Oddyssey - "Launch Price Ongoing; Stock is to Blame"

    that is not really relevant. The (r)e-tailers can set the price as they like, as long as they dont agree on them internally (atleast in europe) - HOWEVER- if AMD released the fist batch of stock at a different price to the (r)e-tailers than they do with the subsequent ones. THAT is the problem...
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    Alienware Announces the Area 51 X299 Configuration With Intel Core i9 Inside

    same arctic cooling /asetek oem AIO cooler (49x120x120mm rad) as the threadripper version. Probably inadequate cooling for this platform as well - unless you put the sub 10 core SKUs in it
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    Alphacool Presents the Eisblock Flatboy Waterblock for Socket TR4 Systems

    From the images it looks like you can opt to use top fittings as well. The focus for the flatboy are users that are hightrestricted
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    ASUS ROG STRIX X399-E Smiles for The Camera

    I dont follow - there already are the top end zenith extreme. They cant really make it much smaller due to the size of the VRM and the 8 mem slots Its simply a lower SKU for a smaller price - how can that disappoint you?
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    Alienware Area 51 Ryzen Threadripper System Benchmarked

    Says AMD since they decided to put an offset it - do you think they did that for funsies?
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    Alienware Area 51 Ryzen Threadripper System Benchmarked

    far from overheating.. according to whom? The Ryzen 5 and 7 dont react to well to temps over 70C so i highly doubt threadripper would.
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    Alienware Area 51 Ryzen Threadripper System Benchmarked

    i did - but perhaps you didnt watch it as thoroughly as you thought you did. the cpu reported 92C that is to much.. im not sure where the sudden 27C offset is coming from - but its there for a reason. And strange that its suddenly 27C and not 20C like the other X skus in littlebrother.
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    Alienware Area 51 Ryzen Threadripper System Benchmarked

    for the price its absolutely exceptionel, i use one on my G12 bracket for my Asus 1070 strix
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    Alienware Area 51 Ryzen Threadripper System Benchmarked

    Its interesting though, the AIO in question is a rebrand of the Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120 which usually is comparable to most other 240mm due to its thick radiator (49mm vs 26mm for most other asetek 240mm clones). This points towards that a normal 240mm asetek generic AIO will NOT be...
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    ASUS Intros the ROG Rampage VI Apex X299 Motherboard

    Faster for what? Gaming? if gaming is the focus HEDT is not the way to go. That is how it has always been :) Heavy multithreaded workstation use, this platform WILL be faster, that is a fact.
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    AMD Radeon Pro Vega Frontier Edition Unboxed, Benchmarked

    that is EXACTLY how it works. For many years the PSU watt-athon was in full force with even the crappiest producers "making" 1000watt psus it was howver only peak power while sustained wattage might be as low as half. in the west this is fortunately amost gone now, but in east? probably still...
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    AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Launched: Starting at $999

    yes because press slides from the AMD marketing department has a history of being precise :D note that this time they even type estimated on the performance graph slides.