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    cpu + mobo combo $50 --- $40 after MIR

    for the price i would grab it.
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    Shuttle XPC Barebone SG41J1 Now with DDR3 Memory Support

    i like those style cases, i do believe i will get one one my next upgrade or new build.
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    Composite widescreen tv?

    it should say somewhere on the tv...HD Ready or HDTV..as for the res it all depends on the TV..it could 720 DPI or 1080, but most 32 in lcds are 720
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    Portal FREE on steam

    downloading game now aswell...thnx for the info
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    How to burn AVI files to DVD

    videofab or dvdfab
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    Neweggs Fermi Giveaway

    i live in canada...i cant enter:(
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    Webcam feature in Win7?

    you may have to run the program as administator. what kind of webcam do you have?
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    Webcam feature in Win7?

    windows movie maker here.... http://download.live.com/moviemaker
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    Hey guys, having another issue - drwtsn.exe error

    that would be Dr watson error reporting..i would uninstall internet explore and reinstall, or check windows update for updates
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    Processor GFlops Compilation

    add me add me:cry:
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    Is my motherboard dead or alive?

    well i wouldnt put the old cpu in the new mother board it may have been fried inthe process aswell.
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    How to stop torrent

    i read there might be a setting in the router settings called catchall, with one click it will block all p2p apps.but i believe it is not a feature on all linksys routers.
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    Weird problem with my monitor

    I would check all connections, maybe try your monitor on a friends pc and see if the proble is still there
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    Green Glow !

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    Is there software that will show your CPU temp while in game?

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    Is there software that will show your CPU temp while in game?

    RealTemp you can download it from the download section.
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    Bfg Rma?

    i always buy my cards at futureshop, same day exchange.if you ordered your card online..i would contact BFG.But i am Guessing it would take awhile.
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    Best PC Surround Sound Systems

    i ran my kn8 sli mobo to my yamaha 600w home theater once with an optical cable and cranked it up whil playing BF2, it sounded awesome, felt like i was right there in the battle, bullets whizzing by my head.
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    best free anti-virus poll

    avast for me..never had on problem with it
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    Hi I'm a virus magnet.

    try windows repair option,and yes that file is part of java update..try uninstalling java and reinstall
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    ok maybe someone can help me understand

    just looked on the website and it looks like it only comes an SLI bridge, and looks like you would have to order the crossfire bridge.
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    how to restore pc from recovery partition

    sorry..missed that part...go into bios and select the restore partition as first boot device, and see if that works, if not you will need a operating cd
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    how to restore pc from recovery partition

    The first thing you should do is backup any important data, such as pictures, music files, favorites, and anything important that you've saved since purchasing the computer. All new data will be lost and the system will be returned to factory condition. Next, you'll want to unplug any...
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    Speaker wire suggestions?

    how many watts is the system? Majestic is right the high end wires dont show or sound any different, i use cheap radio shack wires on my 600watt home theatre system and they work just dandy. and the right gauge like pantherx12 just said.