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    windows 7 32bit or 64 bit

    would it be worth it to go 64 bit or should i just stick with 32 bit version? will games like far cry 2 run on win7 64 bit?
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    call of duty 4

    well i just finished call of duty 4 modern warfare, i must say it is a awesome game, but it seemed a little short, going to try multi player
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    Tt blue orb 2

    i have a Blue orb 2, and was wondering if it would fit onto my phenom 9550 quad core
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    new mobo and cpu help

    my wife said i can upgrade my mobo and cpu. here is what i have now Kn8 sli mobo , athlon 3500+, BFG gtx 260 maxcore vid card, Antec 550w psu. but all i really need is a new motherboard and cpu, i play alot of games, like FarCry 2, call of duty, battlefield 2. I have about 300 bucks to...
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    mbr help please

    i have winxp on one drive and vista on another drive, i formatted vista and installed xp to that drive, now when i go to boot it still asks for vista on boot up..how do i fix it so that i can boot into the fresh install of xp?
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    SLI for Vista

    does anyone know if there are any drivers to enable SLi in Vista Beta 2?
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    finally Blue orb 2

    well my tt Blue ORB 2 came in today, http://www.canadacomputers.com/index.php?do=ShowProduct&cmd=pd&pid=008595&cid=FN.349 to replace my coolermaster r80 water cooler, and i must say theis blue orb 2 keeps my cpu pretty dam cool, and now my pc is as quiet as a mouse..the reason i took the water...
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    new video card help

    i currently have 2 BFG 6600 GT oc's in sli, i want to know what single vid card will out perform the 2 BFG'S.
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    Bf 2142 and Vista rc2

    well i got it installed and patched, the problem i am having is i can not get a list of online servers....Any ideas? Also ever time i start the game it says i need to install the latest patch which is already installed
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    antivirus for Vista RC2

    is there a program for antivirus for Vista RC2
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    Vista RC2

    Does anyone know where A download is for Vista RC2 lastest build is?
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    windows mail in vista RC1

    i keep getting blank e-mails in my inbox No subject, No name...just plain blank Any Ideas?
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    is this a good price'd cpu?

    just want to know if this a is good price for a AM2 5000 or does anyone know of a better price.
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    d-link 624 wireless security help?

    Is there a way to see what computers are using my wireless conection other than the ones in my house?
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    Vista RC1 and SLI help?

    Has anyone managed to get SLI to work on the Vista RC! release, also what do i have to do to get BF2 to work on RC1?
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    [Case Gallery] Reworked AMD

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Thermaltake Swing Case,Abit KN8 NF4 SLI mobo athlon 3500/sck 939 Venice(stock 2.2ghz)water cooled with coolermaster R80)WD 160gig SATA 2 HD.2x512 1x1gig ddr400. BFG 6600gtoc's SLI with Vf700's .Antec 550watt HE PSU. Mods: Removed HD cage that was...
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    Bf2 on win vista

    how do i get BF2 to work on Vista?
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    installed vista beta 2

    well it is installed on a second hd. can i use the files and settings transfer wizard to bring files and stuff from windows xp?
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    hd question

    well i just noticed that i have a Safely Remove Hardware Icon on my task bar...Is this Normal?
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    memory gone bad

    well i figured out why BF2 has been running shitty all night one of my sticks of ram went bad.time for some new stuff
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    what the heck happened here

    i went to play BF2 as ussaull. But this time it asked me to log, like i was gonna play for the very first time, so i logged in, and i all my fav's and control settings were on the default settings(great...what next)5 mins later finally get on to a server, and every 10 secs or so it would glitch...
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    decided to overclock

    well i got bored and set my ram at 2t in bios and upped the FSB, it is stable at 220 FSB...Is there anything else in bios that i should change, anything over 220 becomes unstable.here is a pick of cpu-z
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    bfg 6600 gt pci-e idle temps

    hey i have 2 6600 gtoc's in sli and i just want to know if 47c is a good idle temp? both cards have Zalman vf700's on them.
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    windows vista key

    well i downloaded windows vista a while back, and now i lost my vista key..anyway of getting a new one?
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    digital output

    well i got bored and decided to run my optical output on my mobo to my jvc home theater system...all i can say is WOW the sound is awesome, i thouhgt my x530 speakers sounded good, but this is way better.:rockout: :rockout: :rockout: :rockout: :rockout: