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  1. MustSeeMelons

    Choosing an S10

    I'm in a bit of a pickle - I can't choose between an S10e and the regular S10. The main point of conflict is the camera - is the "telephoto" camera worth it? Can't seem to find any good article on the real usage of it. Otherwise I like the "e" better. Or maybe I should keep rocking my S6, the...
  2. MustSeeMelons

    If you have a few minutes..

    Hey, Wanted to share my first (finished) game, if you have a few minutes, you can find it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Strautins.A_Maze_Thing There is also a FB page: https://www.facebook.com/amazethinggame/ Any comments, likes and any other interections are welcome :)
  3. MustSeeMelons

    Recommend me a monitor, please.

    Hey, so I got tired of the graininess of my 1200p monitor in some titles and decided to upgrade. Bought a Samsung LC27HG70QQUXEN, which seemed to be a dream, but had to return it because: It was just too big for my desk The curve felt more like a gimmick than anything else The white uniformity...
  4. MustSeeMelons

    Dead fan or dead mobo?

    So I have a HP 4520S which fan is not starting up and eventually shutting down due to overheating. Checked with speedfan, temperatures are being read, shuts down at about 100C. Took the PC apart and saw the fan starting up, slowing down every 1-2 seconds. There was a brief moment the fan went...
  5. MustSeeMelons

    Possible WiFi network conflict

    Got myself a situation I can't figure out: I got my main WiFi network coming from an Asus RT-N18U at channel 3, and then I got an ESP8266 01 as my toy network on channel 8. The thing is, when I turn on the ESP, they both disappear, together with most of neighbors networks. Usually their are 7...
  6. MustSeeMelons

    Problem with Origin

    Someone keeps resetting my accounts password, just this morning I open up my e-mail and have two of them from EA: first one if I wish to reset my password, the other that my password has been reset. I've checked my e-mail, no one has had access to it apart from me. This is the third time it has...
  7. MustSeeMelons

    Looking for a router

    Hey! I'm in the market for a good router which will need to handle 250Mbps up/down, basically a similar connection to the one in my signature. It will have a few wired and WiFi connections, machines will be streaming, online gaming and the occasional server. Currently I'm looking at his one...
  8. MustSeeMelons

    Looking for a creative laptop

    Hey, I've though a bit and came to the conclusion that I need to find a descent laptop om which to do creativity work, mostly know on what to look at but I wanted to clear things up as I'm sure I can find the answers here. Here come the unclearies: 1) Programs used will be some Photoshop, After...
  9. MustSeeMelons

    Finally upgrading my GPU, but could use some advice

    I'm finally getting a new GPU, the GTX 970, but I can't decide between the MSI (GTX 970 GAMING 4G) and Gigabyte G1 (GV-N970G1 GAMING-4GD), the price difference is 5 euros in favor for the MSI. Are they any known problems for these two cards? I know that I can't go wrong with either, but yeah :)
  10. MustSeeMelons

    Bricked external HDD

    I'm not sure if it's even bricked, but the thing is my PC doesn't recognize it. When plugged in the HDD's LED keep blinking like it's being read, but nothing happens. When trying to go to disk management - it just hangs there until I unplug the HDD. I had a similar issue with the drive - when...
  11. MustSeeMelons

    Installing Win7 on a Win8 laptop

    The question is already in the name of the thread - I want to install Windows 7 on a laptop which only has drivers for Windows 8/8.1. Once I got the laptop I installed Windows 7 without hesitation and was saddened by the lack of drivers. Is it possible to such a thing? The laptop in question is...
  12. MustSeeMelons

    Asus R9 280X Fan noise issue

    Hey. I have a R9 280X Direct CU II card (2x8pin variant), which is making an annoying noise at low rpm's (20%). If the rpm's go higher (>25%) the noise disappears and the cards sounds as it should. What could be the reason and possible fix for this? I don't know hot to accurately describe the...
  13. MustSeeMelons

    Streaming/Remote desktop

    Hey! I was wondering - is it possible to play games on my laptop through my desktop? Sometimes I really want to enjoy the power of a desktop, with the comfort of a laptop. In the same or just next to the room from where the desktop is located. Both machines would be connected with a D-Link DIR...
  14. MustSeeMelons

    Web browser issue

    Hey. I finally made the move from Win 7 to Win 8.1, I'm happy with the OS, except for one issue - I keep getting 404 error messages and sometimes pages don't load fully, get stuck in the middle. etc A few refreshes usually solve the issue with the pages not loading fully. This behavior was...