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    ThrottleStop Ver. 830

    Is it possible to keep using throttlestop version 830 and NOT ver 840? I keep getting an error saying ver 830 has expired and using ver 840 will NOT clock my 2670v3 dual xeon PC even close to where ver 830 let me>>>> HELP!!!!!! Thanks a million to anyone that can help me!! someone?
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    dual socket 2011-3 server board, Looking for a program to OC BCLK?

    I have a asrock dual socket 2011-3 server board i just built with 2 e5-2670 v3's and looking to see if there is a software program that will allow me to adjust the bclk some? anyone know of such software?
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    How can I get "ThrottleStop" to auto load when windows starts up?

    Been trying to figure out how to get the program called "ThrottleStop" to auto load when windows starts but apparently im not smart enough to figure it out. Anyone familiar with the program that might be able to assist me? Much appreciated!