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    Megaupload finished: Feds shut down file-sharing giant without SOPA

    That looks like it'd make an awesome video game level... Imagine its the final level and you just killed Bin Laden, you now have to escape while his super-goons are coming after you from the main entrance and you try to escape through the secret air ducts and passages while being directed by an...

    Help choose SSD

    I bought an Intel 320 over the faster and cheaper OCZ drives, simply for reliabilty. I don't want my OS drive crashing AT ALL, even if it only takes a little while to RMA it... Either one you choose, if you're coming from a HDD, you'll be satisfied. The little bit of extra speed you might get...

    [FS][US] Fuganater's FS Thread

    Man I could use a lot of that stuff, sometimes I wish I lived in the US. :banghead: Good luck though.

    [FS][US] Enigma's Cases and Clutter

    That 4870x2 is seriously cheap...

    AMD Vishera Packs Quad-Channel DDR3 IMC, G34 En Route Desktop?

    What on earth did you just say? "all these people winging about BD better be folding or cryunching 24/7 as if your pc sits doing nowt while you workin then is only on to game and surf and your still moaning about BD your not right in the head" Still figuring that one out... *facepalm*...

    First Time Builder Wants Input !!

    Very cool looking man. May I ask why you went with a Phenom II 965?

    Your PC ATM

    Don't think you have enough lights dude.... seriously that's just ridiculous... :roll:

    Gaming pc

    I was gonna say go with a 6970 for now, which will play all current games on max, then CFX with a 6990 later on when theyre cheaper, when you need extra power. But I see youve already made your purchase. the 7970 is overkill for current games, youll love it. :D

    Your PC ATM

    Hahaha, I see the little older-generation logitech wireless receiver hanging out there... I know how you feel, I'm always having trouble with keyboard reception when I sit a little way back. The new gen receivers are flawless though. (I have one for my mouse)
  10. OOZMAN

    7970 no brainer? Or gtx 580 sli

    wait for 7950 an cfx. Should be a similar price to 2 580s now correct?
  11. OOZMAN

    GeForce Kepler 104 (GK104) Packs 256-bit GDDR5 Memory Bus, 225W TDP

    Just some silly rumours with no evidence man.
  12. OOZMAN

    Apocalypse Not Now: 2012 Doomsday Predictions Debunked by NASA

    Facts? What facts? Enlighten me...
  13. OOZMAN

    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    I meant the blur when you move your mouse. Radial blur maybe? I dunno, sorry for my n00bness :laugh:
  14. OOZMAN

    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    Good stats, but that glass armor looks like ass! I prefer the normal green/blue armor. :D If there was a silver/pearl kind of mod for glass, I would probably fap myself to death. Hey people, has anyone made a motion blur mod yet? Just finished playing Crysis, Hard Reset etc for a week and...
  15. OOZMAN

    TechPowerUp Screenshot Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    Here's some screenies of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage: I was really surprised at the graphics of this game, I downloaded it recently, I thought it was a new game, turns out it's from all the way back in 2007! Same goes for the original FlatOut, it was made in '03 or '04 I think, it still as sweet...
  16. OOZMAN

    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    Is it? I thought it was 90. Whatever, you know what I mean. :D Man, it's been a few days... gotta hop back in...
  17. OOZMAN

    2TB 2.5 External

    Looks like a sweet deal, might just get one myself.
  18. OOZMAN

    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    Yeah legendary dragonscale with 70 something light armor skill. My favourite is glass armor though, it makes you look kinda like a god/angel or something. :roll: 100 for a week and no daedric? The second I got to lvl 90 I made all the daedric weapons i could! Dual wielding daedric swords...
  19. OOZMAN

    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    What's your damage rating for your bow? Im at 150 with a Daedric bow, enchanted with fire damage, and all availiable apparel enchanted with increase archery, but Im only at level 34. :D Also whats everyone's armor rating? Im at 525 for light armor. :D
  20. OOZMAN

    Your PC ATM

    Lol why such a big case for a microATX? VERY clean though. I'm quite jelly!
  21. OOZMAN

    Pc won't boot

    check the power pins to the vid card, when I built my system, silly me forgot to plug the gpu into the psu, all I got was VRSSSSSSHHHHHH of the gpu fan going at full speed. Sounds like whats going on with yours. I'd try use different plugs if your PSU allows, blow the dust off the gpu power...
  22. OOZMAN

    My i5 2500 CPU idling at 50 degrees celcius

    Chill out man, Im just messin around. :D
  23. OOZMAN

    My i5 2500 CPU idling at 50 degrees celcius

    Shush now. Are you aware what 1337 is and that I didnt use it? lol noob. ;)
  24. OOZMAN

    Cooler Master Announces the Vertical Vapor Chamber technology

    Gimme the tl;dr / noob version plz. :D
  25. OOZMAN

    My i5 2500 CPU idling at 50 degrees celcius

    Was really surprised it took 13 posts to get this :shadedshu :shadedshu I thought it was common knowledge that BIOS idles much higher than windows. lol noobs. Your temps are fine man, you dont need to change anything.